All Campuses
  • Pace has adopted a Green Purchasing Policy.  Visit the Finance and Planing website to read the policy. 
  • 100% recycled content copy paper is now available!  Departments now have a choice of which paper to buy when ordering paper from Document Services.  Faculty, staff and students can request the sustainable paper when placing orders at Document Services as well! 
  • Furniture and office equipment is internally recycled within Pace. Before you purchase new furniture or office equipment for your department, check with facilities (DoIT for computers and equipment) and see if they have what you need "in stock." Pace University stores used items which can be reallocated throughout its campuses. If the furniture needed is not in stock, reconditioned (recycled) furniture may be purchased.
Universities hold purchasing power. By committing to sustainaiblity, a policy for all requests for proposals, where feasible, to include sustainability parameters will help ensure expectations are met before a new contract is signed with a vendor.

If you have an item to submit for posting to this page, or would like to share your ideas, concerns, comments and feedback about sustainability at Pace, send us an email.