April 4, 2014

Westchester Administrative Staff Council
April 4, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 9:03am.

Guest speakers:

Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, Dean for Students
Aisha Moyla, Director of Administration and Communication, Office of Administration

Phase 1A has begun. This phase includes:

·      New student housing

·      Fieldhouse

·      Environmental Center

Residence Hall A has been named Alumni Hall. Rooms will be named for alumni who make donations. Alumni Hall will include community space, classrooms, a food kiosk, and approximately 478 beds. It will target first-year students and sophomores, and will be comprised of  double/doubles with shared baths.

Residence Hall B will consist of double/doubles with shared baths and a common living area. This layout is geared for upperclassmen and will offer them a different living experience. There will be approximately 278 beds, an indoor storage room for bikes, community space and offices for Auxiliary Services, housing staff, etc.         

The University is hopeful that the residence halls will be LEED-certified, and that the Environmental Center will get Gold LEED certification.

Kessel will be built out from environmental center/cafeteria side. The expansion will allow for more dining options as well as added space for programming and SGA. The loading dock will be moved underground.

A new Athletics Field House will be built in the end zone. The scoreboard will be on the building, which will also include a VIP Room, locker rooms, and offices. This turf field will be used for soccer, lacrosse, and football.

The baseball field will also be a turf field.  Field hockey will play in the outfield. A grass softball field will be installed by the Vineyard. These improved fields will also allow for more intramurals.

They are bringing the solar panels from the classroom building to the new Environmental Center, as well as adding more. There will be a geothermal system in the building. The farmhouse will be moved over by this June, and the Environmental Center should be completed by then.


After Commencement, construction will begin on the proposed roadway between Paton House and the Alumni Hall site in April; the road will open after Commencement. Work on the new parking area around Choate starts in April and will be ready in June. They begin prepping the area for Alumni Hall this month, and obtaining permits for Kessel and Alumni Hall this month.

Kessel will be closed over the summer. Interim office space for those in Kessel is still being determined.  SDCA moves back to Kessel in September. Kessel opens in January 2015.

Alumni Hall will be complete in August 2015.

June 2014-January 2015 will be the most inconvenient time period.

The Environmental Center opens in June 2014.

In July/August 2014, Kessel will get a new roof. There are tentative plans to dredge Choate Pond this summer and clean out approximately three feet of sediment that accumulates due to run-off and put in filters. Orientation will be held in Miller and Willcox this summer. The remaining Kessel parking lot closes permanently over the summer.

In September/October, the dining hall opens but will be impacted by construction in Kessel. Gottesman will be offline in the fall, as it will be used for student dining.

Butcher Suite will be offline for the fall semester.

There are many capital improvements planned for other buildings.

Question: Are there any plans for Gannett House/Security?  They are looking at moving Career Services more to center of campus; nothing has been finalized or approved.

Briarcliff staff will be moved in Phase 1B. North Hall goes offline as we build Residence Hall C and North is renovated. Briarcliff staff will be housed offsite. There is no start date yet for Phase 1B.


Guest speaker: Sylvia Russakoff, Director of Continuing and Professional Education (CPE)

There are various Lifelong Learning opportunities at Pace. We want our graduates to come back and learn more.

There is a need to stay competitive, with updated skills.

People need to prepare to work longer; retirement may look different then what we expected.

CPE works with adults, primarily 25+. Their programs offer flexibility and convenience, and the ability to respond to market needs.

CPE programs include:

·      Adult Degree programs (iPace)

·      Graduate Degrees

·      ENCORE Transition Program

·      English Language training

CPE course offerings include:

·      iPhone/Android apps

·      Certificate and individual HR courses

·      Web design

·      Graphic design

·      Paralegals

·      Project management



In 2006, 74% of baby boomers were employed.

The ENCORE program is part of CPE. It focuses on reinventing yourself at retirement and starting again, and is run by Joan Tucker.


There were 15 students enrolled in iPace in 2011; today, there are 206. These are mostly part-time students with an average age of 38. More than half are first generation college students. iPace offers degree completion programs in all schools at a lower tuition of $535/credit.

Pace is ranked the #3 provider of online bachelor’s programs in the U.S.

English Language Institute

There are 254 students. This program includes English for Professionals.


CPE has approximately 1200 students in public classes and 500 in private classes (corporations, City of New York, etc.). The majority of courses are in midtown and downtown NYC. The highest demand is are career-oriented programs linked with a professional association.

Depending on the class, Pace staff may qualify for tuition remission with a supervisor’s approval.

Question: Has there been any thought of expanding and including hospitality and tourism? CPE is researching this.


Committee Reports

Picnic Committee

The Staff Picnic is on Wednesday, June 11 in Willcox Gym. Volunteers should email Anna Fishman at afishman@pace.edu.

Treasurer’s Report

We started with $5,500 extra and received an extra $100 from the NYC Council for today’s breakfast. Thank you, NYC Administrative Staff Council. We have $5,122.34 left for the picnic.

Benefits Committee

CIGNA came in with an increase of 10.5%, which is too high. We’re trying to get it down to 8%. HR is looking at other vendors “just in case.” Matt Renna will speak at next month’s Admin/Staff Council meeting.

We need a Faculty Council Representative and a Service Committee Chair.


New Business

We are seeking nominations for co-chair, treasurer and secretary. Please send any nominations to a member of the mhumphrey@pace.edu.

Athletics is hosting an Alumni and Friends Golf Outing on April 28. This is a fundraising effort for the athletics teams.


The meeting adjourned at 10:05AM.

Respectfully submitted by Michele Camardella.