February 15, 2002

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff
Administrative Staff Council Meeting on February 15, 2002
Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville

Co-Chairperson Marie Petrocelli welcomed everyone to begin the meeting and introduced President David A. Caputo.

Featured Speaker:
President David A. Caputo

The president began by thanking everyone in attendance for all their help over the past semester. The University would not be able to function without all the help. Updates on several issues followed:

  • The Fitness Center is scheduled to be open in late summer 2002. There will be regular staff usage hours which may include a fee associated with membership
  • There are construction projects planned for this summer, which include sprinkler installation in the Town Houses, North, and Hillside residences.
  • New York City is recovering well. There is increasing foot traffic as well as a feeling of unease. Security is still in a heightened state and all Pace community members are asked to display their IDs. An outside audit of the security procedures is under review.
  • The President is in contact with Westchester County Executive Andy Spano about the Indian Point power plant and will pass along information about the evacuation plans and other emergency procedures as they become available.
  • The Thank You Reception has been rescheduled due to the low numbers of faculty who are on campus in Friday Afternoons. The new date is February 28th at 4:00 p.m. in the Kessel Center.
  • An announcement is scheduled for February 21 about a partnership between the National Actor's Theatre and the Schimmel Center. Actor Tony Randall is scheduled to appear.
  • The University has not mandated any midyear budget cuts. There will be an increase in the 2002-2003 Tuition and Fees. Scholarship aid is also scheduled to be increased for returning students.
  • One way for us to continue to improve Pace University is to be in attendance at meetings such as this one and to support each other.
  • The United Way Campaign is under way. The auction is scheduled for March 1st which is the final event of the campaign. Help in raising funds for the United Way is an important way to help everyone..

Barbara Cunningham asked for more information on the Command Centers. There are four communications centers: Goldstein, Park Row, Briarcliff, and one at the White Plains law School. These centers are connected to a separate source than each campus and will allow for communications in an emergency. They are equipped with access to internal networks, cell phones, computers which all will be able to connect with the "outside world" in the event of another emergency.

Marie Petrocelli asked about the number of students who left because the events of September 11. We currently do not have the full numbers because some students were never fully matriculated as the deadline for a full refund of tuition was September 12th. Of the numbers that did leave, 60% to 70% have returned. The PNY students who left were adult part-time students who lost their jobs or changed work after the event. These students have been able to return to Pace as online students. The PLV students were more likely to have a relative or other support person who was directly effected.

The Center for Downtown New York is still in the organizational phase. Senator Schumer's office has requested office space on the PNY campus for this program.

The City of New York is also interested in attracting the 2012 Olympic Games. President Caputo may try to have the Pace PLV campus entered as a possible venue for the summer games.

Jim Marshall asked if the Center for Downtown New York will be active in the process of rebuilding the city. It is currently not clear how Lower Manhattan Development commission will implement their decisions. We do not know if the center will be a part of that discussion. There is a Culture, Tourism, and Education Advisory Committee to which President Caputo has been appointed. We plan to offer our facilities, expertise, and help in this process.

Ken Schneck asked if the Presidential Grant for Assessment opportunities would be available for staff members in comparison to the current restriction to faculty only. The Lang Foundation has funded those grants and it stipulates faculty only. Staff are not included as candidates unless they partner with a faculty member. Currently the funding is lacking for Staff grants however, a program may be possible for the fall that would include Staff grants. Please speak with Marilyn Jafffe-Ruiz directly to discuss this issue.

Joe Kelly asked how the staff can help increase enrollment and attract new students. There are three ways to assist in this endeavor:

  1. When answering the phone and interacting with students and parents, treat them with respect. There have been complaints made about selected interactions. Be helpful in one-on-one interactions, show your concern, take some extra time for the students.
  2. Publicize Pace University within your own community.
  3. Orient your work towards improving Pace University.

Marie Petrocelli asked how the Welcome Center has been going. There have been many positive remarks about the center. It has been well received and well utilized. PNY wants one!

Ken Schneck was interested in the compliance with the wearing of IDs. We are not where we want to be. It is important to identify who does not belong on campus. There is a fairly high compliance by staff but less by students and faculty. Security has been making random patrols and asking those without IDs to please wear them. There will be more publicity which will be included on all student literature. This is the single most important this that we can do to identify those who may not have a reason to be on campus.


Marilyn Jaffe-Ruiz addressed the group following President Caputo's talk. She began by thanking all who assisted in the Vagina Monologues.

  • The Second Century Strategic Planning Committee has recently been formed and Marilyn is the chair of that committee. There are four subcommittees chaired by Len Sippel, Gail Dinter Gottlieb, Kathy Winstead, and Yvonne Ramirez.
  • The President has requested the first draft of the Plan be completed by April 15th. The second draft after reviews and revisions should be completed by August 9th. This draft will then be submitted to the Board of Directors.
  • You may contact the committee via e-mail at strategic@pace.edu. Debbie Levesque is the representative from the Administrative Staff Council. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact her and she will pass it along to the appropriate subcommittee.

Michele Russo updated the council on the Benefits meeting that was held on Monday, February 11.

  • The committee has recommended an Educational Savings program that will be handled by TIAA-CREF. This program will allow Pace employees to put money away for a relative for future school costs. Full time and part time employees will be able to contribute to this program. Watch for further announcements about this new program. "An Educational Savings Plan will be a voluntary. TIAA-CREF is the only provider that can offer this product and provide tax exemption on withdrawals in the State of New York."
  • The benefits committee will be reviewing health plans over the next two years.
  • They will also be looking at all plans to see if they are family friendly. Subcommittees will be formed to accomplish both these tasks.
  • All DeltaDental POS subscribers will be receiving materials in the upcoming weeks. If you need to see a dentist, please provide them with our group number 2006 and your Social Security number. Claim forms are available on the HR website.

Barbara Esposito from United Way gave a brief presentation.

  • You should have received the United Way Brochure already. The donations can be taken right out of your paycheck as a "private act of heroism."
  • There is an option on the United Way Investment Card to choose which of six areas of impact you would like your donations to support: Families, Seniors, Children & youth, Diversity, Health & Wellness or Self-sufficiency.
  • There is a new program that will begin next fall called Dial 211. This phone call will connect you with a human service professional who can refer you to the services you might need.
  • The campaign ends on March 1st with the 4th Annual United Way Auction.


  • The April 19th meeting has been canceled so that the Environmental Center may use the Butcher Suite for it's Earth Week festivities.
  • An Emergency Protocol Committee is being formed. This committee will review the current protocols and draft new ones. A volunteer from the council is needed. There were several volunteers so a vote will be conducted using the listserv. (Phyllis Bradbury was selected to represent the council via a listserv vote.)

Committee Reports:

Service Committee: Daffodil Days for the American Cancer Society (Karen Buckwald & Gwen Welch)

  • The mailing containing all information and the order form were distributed via intercampus mail.
  • Orders will be accepted until Friday, March 8.
  • There are many volunteers signed up to help wrap and distribute the daffodils on Thursday, April 4th at 8:30 am in the Gottesman Room. Additional volunteers are welcome. Please contact Gwen Welch (2635 or gwelch@pace.edu) to sign up.
  • Last year 205 bunches and 31 vases were sold, raising almost $1700.

Faculty Council: Reola Clark, Lubin School of Business

  • Judy Williams announced that the Core Curriculum Task Force has made its final recommendation. The faculty will vote on the changes and the new core may go into effect in the fall semester of 2003. There are still questions among the faculty about courses and requirements under the new core.
  • The 1986 faculty handbook is still under revision.
  • The faculty were concerned that they did not have enough notice of the new Strategic Planning Committee to request release time from their other duties to volunteer.
  • Marie Werner led a discussion about having too many outside speakers. These speakers take away time from the Faculty council agenda and from faculty concerns.

Picnic Committee: Connie Giamei for Nikki Atkinson

  • The picnic date is June 14th, Flag Day.
  • The theme is "We are the World" and hopefully some international foods will be available. The Dessert contest will once again be held and international desserts are encouraged.
  • Raffle donations are needed. Please contact Fran Coleman about the raffle.
  • Further information will be coming.

Nominating Committee:

Heather Novak has volunteered to chair the nominating committee. We will need a new co-chair as well as a secretary for the upcoming year. Please contact Heather if you would like to volunteer for this committee or, more important< to volunteer for either executive committee positions.


  • Deanna Vatan reminded all that the blood drive will be held on February 26 & 27. There will be a Broadway ticket raffle prize given to one of the donors.
  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast will be held on February 28th at 8 am in the Gottesman Room.
  • Debbi Levesque thanked everyone who helped their students in completing the applications for the RA positions. All applications and recommendation were due in to the office by President's weekend.
  • Notice the new Wireless Network signs. In these locations you will be able to access the Internet with a wireless card in your laptop. Currently Miller lecture hall, Kessel Campus Center, and the Library have this capability. More information on the types of cards will be forthcoming.
  • Heather Novak commented that the Center for Community Outreach has adopted 2 cottages at the Pleasantville Cottage School. A forum for information on the events at the Cottage school will be held. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Heather at x3464.


Respectfully Submitted,
Karen DeSantis
Secretary to the PL/BR Administrative Staff Council