March 15, 2002

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff
Administrative Staff Council Meeting on March 15, 2002
Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville

Co-Chairperson Marie Petrocelli welcomed everyone and noted that there would not be a featured speaker at this meeting.

The minutes from the February meeting were accepted after a motion by Phyllis Bradbury to accept.

Marie Petrocelli brought up the attendance at meetings and if a Friday afternoon meeting is a difficult time for people to attend. It was decided that mornings may be easier as the attendees will be able to stop at the meeting on their way into work rather than drop what they are doing to attend a late afternoon meeting. Monday and Friday mornings were ruled out as well as noon meetings. A vote either at the May meeting or on the listserv will be conducted to decide on the final day and time for meetings for the upcoming year.

Marie Petrocelli made a motion to decrease the number of meetings per year to 3 per semester. (September, October, November, February, April, & May) Ken Schneck suggested having a welcome meeting for the new staff in September. This could also include an open forum meeting in which new issues that effect Staff and Administrators can be brought up for discussion and as ideas for future meeting topics.

**The Constitution of the council will be reviewed to see if there are any restrictions on when meeting should be held and the number of meetings required for the council.

Barbara Cunningham brought up the need for recruitment within each department for listserv members. If you know someone in your department who is not signed up for the listserv, please have them e-mail Karen DeSantis at and she will sign them up.

Marie Petrocelli plans to contact each department in the fall to request that they send one representative to each meeting who can report back to their colleagues about the meetings.

Terry Kolodzinski suggested that we have a meeting where the attendees are broken up into smaller groups for discussing specific issues. It may be easier to discuss concerns in smaller groups. The faculty council did this at its last meeting to discuss the strategic agenda.

Marie said that she is very interested in hearing the special issues of the staff and administrators. The council can be much more influential than it already is if we work together as a group to address specific issues. Perhaps meetings should be set up with no featured speakers or we could extend a meeting to discuss concerns. It was suggested that someone contact Betty Torrence, chair of the faculty council, to see how the change in format was received and if it accomplished its goals.

Ken Schneck mentioned that in the PUAC meeting there was an extended discussion about the Strategic agenda and how it describes dealing with students in an academic/learning environment. There was no specific mention of the staff as a part of that learning environment. Reola Clark mentioned that the staff and department secretaries have an important role in the student experience.

**There was a consensus to draft a statement that would be sent to Marilyn Jaffe-Ruiz about how the staff should be included as an integral part of the learning process and environment. This statement was sent out to the listserv for suggestions. The following statement was sent to Marilyn late Monday afternoon.

"On behalf of the members of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative/Staff Council we wish to express the importance of recognizing the impact which staff has on student development, learning, growth, and retention as well as on the administrative areas. The goals of the Strategic Agenda should include staff education, development and support as fundamental to providing a diverse and positive environment in which students can learn and achieve."

Marie asked if there were any speaker ideas for the upcoming year. Suggestions included:

  • Tim Massey, University Relations for public relations issues
  • Vice President for Philanthropy
  • Joan Mark, Cooperative Education and Career Services
  • Welcome Center representative
  • Athletic Department (topics: varsity sports, Title 9, Fitness center and how it will change our relation ship with the local community
  • Diversity issues including Racial issues and LGBT issues.
  • Civic Competency updates including Outreach programs from the Center for Community Outreach

Joe O'Donnell was the planned speaker for this meeting but had to cancel due to the Basketball teams qualifying for the Basketball Tournaments. He is interested in discussing the new programs that will be available for staff members. A tour is scheduled for March 22 at 3 PM for a limited number of staff members. **This tour has been changed to April 5th as they will be painting the center on February 22nd.

Marie reminded the attendees that many times the President's office contacts us with a request for a representative that must be filled within two days. The listserv has been the only way we can ask for volunteers as well as vote on these representatives at such short notice. If you are selected to be a representative and are active on the listserv, we would like a report from you. It is the responsibility of the representative to come to the meetings or if that is not possible, to get a report about the committee discussions, decisions, and plans to one of the co-chairs of the council for report at the meetings.

Phyllis Bradbury noted that an amendment to the council constitution can be made that a report must be brought to each meeting or at least submitted to the chairs of the committee for presentation at the meeting.

Elections will be held at the May meeting of the Council. Positions for election include Council Co-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer as well as representatives for Benefits, PUAC, Faculty Council, Service Committee, and Picnic committee. Heather Novak is chair of the Nominations committee so please contact her if you would like to be considered for any of these positions.

Ken Schneck asked if there was a faculty council representative who attends our meetings. This has been suggested to the faculty but there have been no volunteers.

Connie Giamei suggested that there should also be a representative from the Student Government Association as well.

Terry Kolodzinski reported that the University is working on a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan. In the information gathering phase, they are looking for staff to identify areas of risk within their own departments such as what would Student Development need to do if there were temporary housing needs or what would need to be done if the library had to close? Please look at your own area and decide what would be most important to have continuity and how could your department/area overcome a difficulty. You can contact Terry with concerns that should be discussed on these issues.


Committee Reports:

Service Committee: Daffodil Days for the American Cancer Society (Karen Buckwald)

  • The Order deadline was extended to March 15th.
  • At this time, we have raised $2400. ($1700 was raised in 2001)
  • Volunteers are still needed to help wrap and distribute the daffodils on Thursday, April 4th at 8:30 am in the Gottesman Room as well as to deliver flowers to the law school and grad center campuses.
  • The March of Dimes Walk will be held on April 28th. Please contact Gwen Welch (2635 or to sign up. The walk is 8 miles beginning at Saxon Woods Pool in White Plains. Food, refreshments, and vans to return to the start are available at each mile marker.
  • In 2001 Pace had 82 participants of which only 3 were staff members.

Benefits Committee: There was no meeting.

PUAC: Ken Schneck

An extended discussion of the Strategic Agenda was held. Many discussions followed which included the following topics:

  • How the staff fits into the learning "community"
  • How PNY and PLV operate differently
  • Health Care options for students. Terry Kolodzinski wanted to know more about what options were discussed. Would the Health Care plans be mandatory, would the students be able to choose providers, what would the fees be for the students. TK has been reviewing the loss to premium ratio for these options over the past years and has a continued interest on this topic.
  • The Academic Integrity Code. Debbie Levesque noted that the PNY faculty have approved the code with changes and now it goes back to the students for review of the changes.
  • Midterm grades. If these were implemented, how would they be evaluated and what would they be used for.

Marie Petrocelli asked Debbie Levesque to update the council on her role in the Strategic Agenda Planning Committee. Marie mentioned that the council had decided earlier in the meeting to present a statement to the committee from the council.

Strategic Agenda Planning Committee: Debbie Levesque

The committee is still in the information gathering phase. The four subcommittees have weekly meetings. If you have any concerns, you may bring them to Debbie or to the online chat that will be held Tuesday, March19th.

  • As information is available, Debbie will share it with the listserv.
  • It has been very important to fit the new initiatives with the available funding.
  • Another topic of interest has been the advancements for faculty and staff such as competitive salaries and reward structures.

Faculty Council: Reola Clark, Lubin School of Business

  • President Caputo gave the enrollment figures for fall 2002 to the faculty: PLV is up 20% for undergraduates and 2% for transfers, PNY is down, Graduate Center is also up.
  • A student GPA of 3.3 and 3.4 will now be included in scholarship consideration.
  • The issue of retention was again mentioned. 25% of students leave after freshman year, 10% each following, which results in only 50% graduation rate
  • There has been an increase in out of state students with Texas as the highest number of students.
  • A University policy change was announced. Faculty who have been awarded grants will now be paid the difference in salary and given full benefits while on their grant salary. In the past, faculty got a leave of absence without pay during their grant period.
  • There will be a review of the new faculty hiring policies and procedures.
  • Office space, theater space, and other spaces may be reallocated.
  • Intellectual property rights were again discussed. The faculty are very concerned with what belongs to Pace University and what is their personal property for publishing purposes.

Picnic Committee: Nikki Atkinson

  • The picnic is scheduled for June 14th, Flag Day from 12:30 to 3:00
  • The flyers will be mailed out in the end of April.
  • We need volunteers to man the grills and to organize the food.
  • The theme is We are the World and we are currently looking for International Foods. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • Sharon Guzi's quartet will once again greet the attendees with patriotic songs.
  • Fran Coleman will be in charge of the raffle.
  • Jack Coxen has agreed to assist with the raffle
  • Terry Kolodzinski will once again arrange for the sodas.
  • The Dessert contest will be held with special interest in international desserts.

Safety/Protocol Committee: Phyllis Bradbury

Committee has not yet met.


The State of the University will be held on March 21st at 4:00 PM.

  • Joe Seijo mentioned that he could coordinate a BlackBoard Discussion Board for the Council. This has been done for the Strategic Agenda Committee and seems to be well received. The Blackboard System can be used to send out emails as well as provide discussion forums and chat rooms for further contact with the members of the council outside of meeting times. He is willing to do a presentation on the program at any time.
  • Ken Schneck announced that March is Women's History Month. Sister Solja will be the speaker next Friday and is a very dynamic speaker and would be well worth staying after work to attend her talk.
  • Debbie Levesque reminded all present that it is room selection time and students may be stressed out by the procedure over the next two weeks.
  • Ken Schneck reminded the attendees that the is a Student of the Month award in which the student wins a gift certificate to the bookstore. Any one may nominate a student for this award.
  • Phyllis Bradbury announced that there are new options for getting an AT&T phone for personal use with all of Pace's discount options. You can now go directly to a store to get your phone. Please see the DOIT page for further information.


Respectfully Submitted,
Karen DeSantis
Secretary to the PL/BR Administrative Staff Council