November 16, 2001

Minutes of the Pleasantville Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council
Meeting on November 16, 2001

Gottesman Room, Kessel Campus Center

Barbara Cunningham, Co-Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m.

Introductions and announcements were made.

  • Karen DeSantis announced that there will be a reception of gratitude for twenty years of service for Dr. Marge Gotti on Tuesday, November 27th at the Tudor Room in White Plains. For further information, please contact Aisha Reyes at x4129 or via e-mail at
  • Information on the Weather-L and Transsched-L listserv was passed out for those who are interested in signing up for announcements. The Weather-L provides e-mail updates on upcoming storms and Transsched-L will provide e-mail updates on changes in the University transportation schedules. Contact Karen at x3505 or if you would like copies of either flyer.
  • Karen Lolli announced that there are 10 doses of flu vaccine left after the Health Fair in White Plains.
  • Terry Kolodzinski handed out the Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce brochure and reminded us that Pace is a member of the PCC. There are more copies at the welcome center or you may contact Terry directly. He also mentioned that the United States Postal Service is considering another $.03 raise in rates. Keep this in mind as you plan for next year's budgets. The week of November 26th through 30th is parking fine amnesty week. All parking tickets may be paid at $5 regardless of the full value of the ticket.
  • Karen Buckwald mentioned that the Service Committee is working on the Clout Toy Drive.

A motion to accept the minutes from the October meeting was made by Joe Seijo and seconded by Marie Petrocelli. This motion was passed.

The Second Century Strategic Plan Committee is in the process of being formed as per CGram #33. Ivy Aviles-Rivera was our volunteer and was unanimously nominated to represent the council.

Committee Reports:

Benefits Committee - Barbara McCarthy. The Benefits committee met on October 22nd.

  • The new dental plan will begin on January 1, 2002. You should all have received packets with the program information. Please note that you must enroll in the new program.
  • PHS has changed its name to Health Net. If you are currently enrolled in this program, continue to use the PHS cards. At this time, there are no plans to distribute new cards.
  • The committee is anticipating reviewing medical plans in Spring 2002.
  • An Employee Assistance Program plan subcommittee was also formed to review proposals and make a recommendation.
  • Benefits subcommittee will be formed to review proposals to off an Educational Savings Plan, as a voluntary benefit.
  • The next meeting of the Benefits Committee will be held on December 10th.
  • The committee reviewed the status of objectives for the Benefits Committee. At the next meeting, they will be setting objectives for the next two to three years. I you have suggestions, please contact Barbara.

PUAC - Chris Elarde (for Ken Schneck)
The PUAC meeting reviewed the events from 9-11 and all the implications it has for Pace University. They discussed that ID cards will now be required on all campuses. A consultant will be hired to analyze the University's Emergency Plan. There was also discussion about an expansion of Common hour.

Faculty Council - Reola Clark

  • The Distance Learning Committee has been dissolved as per the recommendation by Rebecca Martin.
  • The committee proposed that a full-time faculty member should be on the Board of Trustees.
  • Elections of Faculty members to sit on the CDFBT were held. This tenure review committee will meet on January 14, 2002.
  • Peggy Fitzgerald asked for all faculty to support the Admissions events. Attracting students to Pace is very important at this time.
  • The discrepancies between the printed and online schedules was discussed. Please report any discrepancies to the chair person of the academic department.
  • President Caputo noted that IDs are now required on all campuses and that the air quality on the PNY campus is under constant monitoring. A discussion of the number of students who left the university followed. He also mentioned that the Pace community will be a part of the rebuilding on New York City.
  • Twenty students from the PLV campus have applied for Fullbright scholarships.
  • The Academic Integrity guidelines were discussed. Questions were asked about how to determine if an incidents is classified as a major incident or a minor incident.

A brief discussion followed about the number of students who have left the university as compared to the number of students who are voided each year due to nonpayment of fees. The two databases are being kept separate so that a true number of the full and part time students who have been effected by 9-11 can be accurately monitored.

Service Committee - Karen Buckwald & Gwen Welch

  • Danielle Salvo has stepped down as Service Committee co-chair. Gwen will be taking her place.
  • The Clout Toy Drive boxes will soon be distributed to buildings on both campuses. Karen asked that one person for each building be responsible for locking up the box each night.
  • Fran O'Gara-Schwartz thanked everyone in advance for their support of the Toy Drive. She described the Clout program in which 74 students are currently enrolled. It is funded by the Department of Social Service and all students are currently on Public assistance. They come to the program for training and certificates to get jobs that will allow them to support their families and themselves.
  • Watch for the Clout Toy Drive gift web site at /DoIT/ToyDrive/. Thank you to
    Melissa Fraher for all her help in creating the web site and gift database.
  • Gwen reported on Make a Difference Day.. The event was well attended. Even the Bus driver for one trip decided to chip in for the day. There is an article in the New Morning that describes all the activities.

Communications Committee - Karen DeSantis
This committee is still looking for representatives in Willcox Hall, Paton House, Field House , Environmental Center, Woodward Hall, Tead House, and Wright Cottage. As a representative, your duties will be to post some flyers in your building before each meeting.


Michele thanked the Council for giving her the opportunity to address the administration and staff.

Everyone should have received the Benefit package and their Benefits Statement for the previous academic year.

The University employee benefits include Health, Income protection, Work/Life, Financial Security, and Educational opportunities.

  • The Medical benefits have not changed. The 2002 rate are currently on the Human Resources web site at /hr/ An announcement about the rates will also be forthcoming.
  • In 2002, the University will contribute 61% for family coverage and 65% for employee plus one. The goal is to have the University support 65% towards dependent medical coverage. Michele thanked President Caputo for his support to increase the University's contributions.
  • The Dental plan will be changed to Delta Dental beginning January 1, 2002. There are two plans to choose from: a Dental Maintenance Organization in which you choose a primary dentist and Delta Dental Preferred POS program, which allows you freedom of choice and enhanced benefits, including a $2,000 annual benefit maximum in network and minimized out-of-pocket expenses. Please refer to your packet for further information on each program. You may also visit the Delta Dental web site at
  • The rates for Dental coverage have been guaranteed for 2002 and 2003.
  • If you need to change your benefits due to a change in family status, it must be done within 31 days from the date of the event. You will be able to make a change in coverage levels only and not a change in plans.
  • Life insurance plans can be changed by an individual to increase or decrease coverage.
  • Barbara Cunningham asked about the death benefit that is paid to next of kin. The Death benefit is one week of salary for every two years of full time service to the University.
  • Long Term Care Insurance is available through TIAA. This is through employee contribution only and you are locked into the rates. For further information call 800-223-1200 or visit the web site at
  • Pace also offers Reimbursement accounts for Flexible Spending on Healthcare or Dependent Care or for Commuter fees for transportation or parking. These are all pre-tax, voluntary contributions for you to use to pay your bills.
  • NOTE: The monies set aside each year in a Flexible Spending Account must be used or the funds are lost.
  • Employees may participate in the basic retirement plan where the University and employees contribute, once eligibility requirements are met. An employee can also make additional voluntary contributions to a supplemental retirement program.
  • In 2002, employees will be able to contribute a maximum of $11,000. Employees may also be able to contribute an additional $3,000 if you have 15+ years of service or $1,000 over the age of 50. TIAA-CREF has distributed packages to all employees home addresses to inform them of their individual maximum contribution.
  • Employees can invest with TIAA-CREF, Fidelity, of T.Rowe Price.
  • In 2002, graduate tuition remission will be tax free up to $5,250. This is only applicable to employees and not spouses or dependents who receive this benefit.

Please contact the Benefits office for any additional questions about coverage at x2763.

Click on the following link to download the Open Enrollment PowerPoint Presentation. You may open it directly of save it to your computer and open it with Microsoft PowerPoint.


Respectfully submitted
Karen DeSantis