November 13, 2002

Pace University’s
Pleasantville Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council November 13, 2002
Butcher Suite, Campus Center

The council meeting began approximately 9:05am. Marie Petrocelli welcomed everyone in attendance and introductions followed.


  • Connie Serafin announced that there are still flu vaccines available for anyone who would still like to receive the shot. The Nurse Practioner students are giving a free micro fit screening session. For further details please stop by the nursing office and pick up a flyer.
  • Deanna Vatan announced Family Weekend, which was held
    Saturday November 16, 2002. The yearbook committee is looking for administrative departments to place an ad in the senior yearbook. If your department would like to participate, please contact Deanna in Student Development. Diversity team meeting was December 2nd at 9:30am in birnbaum conference room.
  • Phyllis Bradbury announced that there was a town hall meeting regarding concerns of budgetary cuts to the equestrian team. If anyone has comments please contact Jo O’Donnell.
  • Marie Petrocelli announced that some staff members have approached her about their concerns regarding the post retirement issue. Many council members would like a petition done. However, we ask each member to think this issue over. One idea is the listeserv could be used to post your ideas and concerns. Then we can discuss these issues at our next meeting.

Corrections & Additions to the October 9, 2002 minutes:

The University’s’ Tuition Exchange Program will not be enhanced. There will be a second program in addition to the existing tuition exchange program.

An education savings program has been approved by President Caputo and is coming in January 2003 administered through TIAA. This program will use after tax dollars, but is a deduction on income taxes and will be offered to full-time and part-time employees.

Human Resources and a consulting company that has been hired will look further at options that will not impact current retirement benefits. They expect to have the consultant’s recommendation early October. H/R is also exploring offering a health plan to part-time and adjunct faculty. They would be able to enroll on a voluntary basis and pay group rates. More information will be available next year.

The Wellness Program – a grant has been received for Westchester and New York Campuses more details at a later date.

Alba Shane of Training and Development at our last meeting asked about a lack of lights on the Briarcliff campus, not for a traffic light for the Briarcliff campus.

After corrections and additional information was given from October 9th, 2002 minutes, a motion was made to approve the minutes. The minutes were approved by Phyllis Bradbury and second by Phyllis DiMattia.

Committee Reports:

Phyllis announced that the benefits meeting was cancelled and another meeting would be scheduled for next month. Phyllis also stated she saw some information on post retirement benefits on MSNBC that was very interesting. If anyone is interested you can go on their website.

Faculty Council: Deanna Vatan announced that Jeff Harder took notes from faculty council in her absence. A few highlights to the faculty council meeting is as

  • Early Alert Program- In December
  • A Pforzheimer lunch @ Choate House
  • Employee Recognition Day
  • Provost selection committee
  • Joe O’Donnell discussed about the horses and rumors to make the horse stable a parking lot but that is not going to happen. Two employees that work with the horses and the equestrian team have resigned.

President Caputo discussed:

  • Not to eliminate the post retirement plan.
  • Full-time enrollment has increased by 2%.
  • Administrative evaluation (possible online questionnaire)
  • Provost committee meeting in March or April of 2003

Marilyn reported about the Hudson Valley Center

Student Affairs has a program called Aqua Aerobics. For further information contact Mary Werner.

Service Committee: Christine Stephens stated that the toy drive is on its way. They have approximately 196 students University-Wide. A list of toys and recipients will be emailed to all. If you purchase a gift you can send the gift to Fran O’Gara / Christine Stephens or place the gift in the toy drive box located in your building. Also it is recommended this year that you wrap the gift and try and use wrapping paper that is not religious related. For those of you who may have chosen a New York recipient Aracelis will have a toy dive box in her office.

Picnic Committee: needs volunteers to help Maureen Doddy and Susan Deigan.

Marie discussed that an email was sent for a committee to help in the decision making of the Employee Recognition Awards. The names submitted were Heather Novak, Ross Christofferson, and Fran O’Gara.


Michelle Russo spoke about open enrollment for 2003. The enrollment packages will be interofficed the week of November 18 through December 11.

Highlights: Premiums went up from 3% to 4% at an average of as high as 13%. Premiums are in the double digits and still increasing. One reason is health care pharmaceutical advertisements. There is a change to Health Net/HMO. Prescription co-payments will change. This is the only plan that has a change effective January 2003.

Dental plan is going well. No increases in dental plan. For further information on open enrollment, dental plans, flexible spending, life insurance, commuter reimbursement, employee assistance program and any other related benefits issues, please contact Michelle Russo or go on the H/R website for further details.

Karen Geldart mentioned in closing that the executive board is aware of the horse stable issue and we know that it is a hot topic of conversation. There is a meeting to take place to discuss both sides of the issue. One understanding we do have is the horse stable will not be turned into a parking lot. At this time we must wait to have further updates from Joe O’Donnell and all those involved in the decision process.

Raffle Drawing Winner- Carol Dooley of the Nursing Department Next Meeting Wednesday December 11, 2002 Guest Speakers Dr. Darnita Killiman VP for Student Services & Dr. Kevin Banks and Dr Kevin Banks Dean for Students

Respectfully yours,
Nikki Atkinson