December 2003 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville


The meeting was called to order at 9:00am by Karen Geldart co-chair, introductions were made, November meeting minutes were approved and there were no announcements.


Committee Reports:

Service Committee – Christine Stephens reported that all but 2 gifts for the CLOUT children are accounted for and thanked everyone for their support.  $161 was raised from the 50/50 raffle and these funds will be used to purchase the 2 remaining gifts as well as $10 Visa Debit cards for the teenagers on the list who only requested clothing. 


Faculty Council –Karen Geldart reported that the meeting was cancelled due to the snowstorm on 12/5 but Barbara Cunningham reported that she attended and some faculty showed up.  New Chair for NY Faculty Council will be Mel Oremland and Betty Torrance will step down in the Spring as Chair for Westchester.


Other Committees – Heather Novak reported as the Staff rep for the Dyson College’s Dean Search.  8 candidates have been selected for the 1st round of interviews with the Committee and those who make it to the 2nd round will be invited to campus in February. That will be the opportunity for all constituencies to meet the candidates in an open forum.  Heather encouraged staff to continue to forward any questions you would like to ask the candidates or to let her know any skills you deem important in a successful candidate.


New Business :

Karen Geldart requested suggestions for speakers and topics for next semester’s meetings.  Andrea Winters expressed a desire for more time for Committee reports and several suggestions were made by those in attendance: a) start the meetings 15 minutes earlier, b) schedule the featured speaker first and then have committee reports, c) do not have a speaker each month, but rather alternate between committee reports and speakers every other month, d) eliminate oral reports by committees and have them provide written summaries.  It was also suggested that we eliminate introductions in future meetings but nobody would second it.


Guest Speaker: President David Caputo

Everyone should have received and be familiar with the new Strategic Agenda.  The University needs all of our hard work to achieve the outlined goals:

  1. Strengthen Pace’s Academic Excellence and Reputation
  2. Reinforce Commitment to Be a Student-Centered University
  3. Strengthen Pace’s Financial Situation
  4. Celebrate the University’s Centennial

The President emphasized that the purpose of this Strategic Plan is to move us ahead and reiterated that without our hard work, both individually and collectively, the University would not function the same and we play an “absolutely critical role”!

The Capital Campaign is in the planning stages with the Planning Committee being chaired by Ivan Seidenberg of Verizon.  It is currently in the “quiet phase” and they are concentrating on asking donors for major gifts of $1 million+. The next phase will be to bring it back to campus and get staff and faculty involvement.  Plans are to go public in late 2005-early 2006 and to raise $100 million over an 8-year period: $30 million will be used for a new Lubin facility downtown and the remainder in endowment to use on scholarships, physical plan, etc. 


The Centennial Campaign will begin to be planned quietly in late Spring 2004 with a group of selected members—the Admin/Council will be asked to put forth representation at that time.  It is hoped that celebration will last 15-18 months beginning in fall 2005 through Spring 2007. The structure of the celebration will include:

Ø      Some festive and exciting events that will be completely celebratory;

Ø      Series with a strong academic component to give a stronger, intellectual, academic perspective (e.g. a panel on Pace’s past, present and future);

Ø      Philanthropic events


One challenge is that Pace has not done a great job of cultivating successful alumni in order to be able to ask for donations so the University has hired consultants to assist with the entire process.


Some upcoming changes were discussed including the Pace Promise, Guaranteed Tuition and the new Lubin facility in PNY and the President asked us our thoughts on building a Performing Arts Center on the PLV campus.  This suggestion was eliminated in finalizing the new Strategic Agenda. It would seat 400-600 people and would be primarily funded by the capital campaign.  Several people mentioned that they would be in favor of it.



**Raffle Winner: Barbara Cunningham