March 2004 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville


The meeting was called to order at 8:50am by Joe Kelly, co-chair.  Introductions were made.  February meeting minutes were approved.



Ø      Phyllis Bradbury: Castleton Avenue switching to new phone system on 3/26.

Ø      Alba Shane: Performance Appraisal workshops are scheduled; calendar is online.


Committee Reports:

Service Committee – Molly Huppuch: Daffodil orders will be delivered 3/25. Volunteers needed. Sign-up sheet passed around.


Dyson Dean’s Search Heather Novak: 3 names were put forward to the Provost & President. 1 is internal and 2 are external candidates.


Benefits – Phyllis Bradbury: There was no meeting, but continue to forward suggestions/comments to her regarding the new insurance. 


Faculty Council – Karen Geldart: meeting was held on 3/5 and voted to cancel Convocation.  President & Provost discussed legislation impacting private institutions re: tuition


Nominations – Heather Novak is chairing the committee to suggest names to the council to fill the following positions for 04-05: co-chair, secretary, treasurer, service committee


Guest Speakers:


  1. Angelo Spillo, Director of Environmental Center re: Earth Share. He is co-chair of Committee with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Campaign begins 4/1 and runs 3 weeks.  They will collect money that gets funneled to organizations: rep was there to hand out folders with more info. There will be events which are TBA.


  1. Ina Fitch, Manager of the Academic Federal Credit Union re: benefits of being a member.  They are celebrating their 25-year anniversary and have special promotions underway. There are also giveaways and a raffle if you open a new account or add a service to an existing account.  Online banking and bill pay are now available.


  1. Heather Novak, Assistant Director of Project Pericles & Center for Community Outreach re: mission and goals of her area. Gave history of Pericles and explained it is mainly focused on civic engagement and social initiatives; supported by all constituencies.  Reviewed goals, programs, services and staff. 




**Raffle Winner: Reola Clark