November 2003 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville


The meeting was called to order at 9:00am by Karen Geldart and Joe Kelly, co-chairs.  Introductions were made.


Approval of Minutes from September and October meetings.



Karen Geldart requested recommendations for Resident Assistants for the 2003-04 academic year. There is a preference for freshmen and sophomores. We should refer any student who we know or work with that is a good, hardworking student with leadership qualities.


Phyllis Bradbury advised that new phones will be installed on the PLV campus in the beginning of December. They are already in BR.  Training sessions are scheduled for 11/21 & 11/24. DoIT has identified staff who will receive invitations to attend these sessions. If anyone receives one and cannot attend please let Phyllis know and she will try to make alternate arrangements.


Connie Giamei clarified the purpose of VP of HR Yvonne Ramirez’s attendance at the September meeting.  Yvonne was invited by the Council to answer questions posed by the Council regarding the Union.


Committee Reports:

Benefits Phyllis Bradbury explained that the Committee met on October 31 and voted to bring an Emergency Childcare Package proposal to President Caputo. If this is approved a sub-committee will be formed. The package would apply to employees in both Westchester and New York who need childcare if their pre-arranged childcare is not available for the day.  In this instance there will be space reserved at a facility where the child can be dropped off for the day. A Flexible Work Schedule proposal is also under discussion. The Committee’s next meeting will be in February 2004, but Phyllis will keep us updated with relevant information.


PUAC (Pace University Advisory Committee) – No report since Barbara Cunningham advised that there was no meeting. Until further notice it was agreed that this Committee will be removed from the Agenda.


Faculty Council Karen Geldart reported that she attended the meeting on November 7 and the President outlined 2 new Commissions: Academic Quality and Strategic Investments chaired by Provost Morreale and Reducing Administrative Costs chaired by Executive VP Len Sippel. An e-mail was sent to the Council’s listserve on November 10 explaining the purpose of each and requesting volunteers.  There was also discussion regarding Faculty Evaluation. A proposal has been set forth by the Provost and the faculty have expressed that they wanted input before being asked to approve it.  Greg Julian announced that Peace Week is being organized and is scheduled for the first week of December. HR spoke about Open Enrollment and President Caputo spoke about the new Strategic Agenda.  25 faculty searches are currently in progress including 1 for Dean of Dyson College and 1 for Dean of School of Law.


Service Committee – Kristina Leonard and Fran O’Gara asked for help with the CLOUT Toy Drive both decorating the toy collection boxes and sorting and following up on the gifts before distribution. A sign-up sheet was passed around and meeting dates have been scheduled for November 17 and December 11. Volunteers can help with one or both dates. Meetings will be held at 9:30am in Goldstein 300 on the PLV campus. Web page has been delayed but should be up soon and will be available only on the IPN.  Discussion about how to handle people who do not remember to give the gift they signed up for and proposal made for each School to hold 50/50 raffle at their Holiday Party and use proceeds to help with additional costs of Toy Drive. Question about how and why CLOUT is Council’s annual holiday drive. Marie Petrocelli, former Chair of the Council, explained that in the past other charities were included but Bernice Houle (Associate Dean of CSIS) proposed CLOUT several years ago and no alternative has been proposed since then. Decision made to table discussion until Spring 2004.


Picnic Committee – No report.


Other Committees Heather Novak reported that she is the Staff rep for the Dyson College’s Dean Search.  There are faculty from several disciplines within Dyson as well as an Alumni Rep, Student Rep and another Dean (Feldman from Lienhard).  An outside consulting firm is coordinating the effort.  Ads were placed and 80 resumes were received which the Committee is reviewing.  Plan to announce candidate visits to campus after the holiday.  Heather requested commentary that she would gladly bring forth to the Committee so please forward any questions you would like to ask the candidates or let Heather know any skills you deem important in a successful candidate.

                                    Karen Geldart reported that Alicia Elias-McNally, Council’s rep for the Diversity Committee……


Guest Speaker:

Michele Russo, HR/Benefits

Discussed Open Enrollment: everyone should have already received packages in Interoffice mail.  Detailed information is available on the HR web page. Changes can be made until 12/2 and if no changes are being made it is not necessary to complete forms.


Changes to Benefits plans include:

Ø      Increase in co-pays for all medical plans from $10 to $15. In 2009 it will increase to $20.

Ø      New 3-tier prescription plans.

Ø      Cost-sharing will be implemented for individual coverage for select carriers. Based on several factors that were calculated by benefits office.

Ø      Oxford HMO eliminated a physician network.

Ø      Dental remains almost the same with Delta POS cost increasing for the first time in 3 years.

Ø      Global Travel Assistance is now available and will be administered by Assist America (not Pace).  Brochure in our packages. Covers employees if more than 100 miles from home.

Ø      For anyone who contributes to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) new regulation allows Over-the-Counter drugs to be reimbursed as long as they are for medical care as prescribed by a physician (e.g. Claritin-yes, Tylenol-no).  Parameters still need to be fully defined but list of reimbursable items is put out by IRS-see  University is seeking to change administrator of this plan and the Commuter Reimbursement Plan.

Ø      New maximum contribution for Supplemental Retirement Account is $13,000 in 2004. Expect TIAA packages soon in the mail.



Raffle Winner: Susan Deigan