October 2003 Meeting Minutes

Administrative Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville


The meeting was called to order at 9:00am by Karen Geldart and Joe Kelly, co-chairs.   Introductions were made.



o        The Health Care Unit announced that flu Shots will be offered by an outside contractor, VACESS, this year.  It will be offered on Wednesday, November 5 from 12-4, Goldstein 1st floor.  Cost will be $20. (Note:  Human Resources sent an email follow-up with current information to staff concerning this issue.)


o        Training and Development announced that the Employment Law for Managers will be held this Friday October 17, at the Graduate Center.  Employment Law is a mandatory training for all administrators.


o        Provost Morreale will speak at this month’s meeting.  Heather Novak’s presentation on Project Pericles will be postponed to a later date.


Committee Reports:


Phyllis Bradbury reported that a benefits meeting was held October 10.  Open Enrollment information will be sent out soon through interoffice mail.  A new Tuition Exchange Program was approved.  Staff can take advantage of this opportunity to attend institutions in addition to Pace.  There was preliminary discussion on childcare options.  There was an announcement that your Flex-Spending account could now be used for over the counter medications like aspirin.  TIAA-CREF will be on-campus for those who would like to take advantage.  An announcement about U-Promise will be taking over as Pace’s college savings program.  HR will be sending our more information on this opportunity.  The next meeting will be held October 31.  


PUAC (PaceUniversityAdvisory Committee):

No report. Barbara Cunningham requested asking Dr. Morreale about the status of the committee at the end of his presentation. 


Faculty Council:

Karen Geldart reported that topics covered by the last Faculty Council meeting included organizing and governance systems issues. Provost Morreale presented.  The President shared the success of the Presidential Debates and thanked the PLV campus for their part.   It was announced that there was a 20-point jump in average SAT scores of incoming freshman.  It was also announced that the Parking lot across from NYU Medical Center in NY is going up for sale.  Pace is taking an active interest in its development.




Service Committee:

Christine Stephens gave the status of the CLOUT toy drive.  The list will go up around November 5 with the help of DOIT.  Volunteers are needed to help wrap the boxes for the gifts.  Christine mentioned that there was a concern that the limit to the cost of gifts to $20.  Christine motioned for the limit to be $25, Heather Novak seconded the motion, the motion was passed.



Guest Speakers:


1.       Bari Steinholtz, Ombuds

Bari gave a short presentation on the Ombuds office.  The Ombuds office is an independent service offered by the university that offers counseling, mediation and facilitation services.  It is an informal way for a staff person to flesh out an issue or problem.  The services can be utilized by everyone, including faculty, staff, students and even parents.  All information is confidential. You can reach the university Ombuds office at extension X 1111.



2.      Dr. Joseph Morreale. University Provost

Provost Morreale thanked the council for being invited to speak.  He spoke about his vision for his tenure at Pace entitled a “passionate pursuit of academic excellence”.  His sub-themes of this ideal include an acronym for Pace.  P stands for an experience that is progressive and personal.  A stands for assessment and accountability.  C stands for community and commitment and E for excellence and equity.  These are the themes that will be guiding him as Provost of Pace.  The strategic plan will be released in the next couple of weeks and there will be open forums to discuss them.  Provost Morreale was asked about PUAC, and it’s status.  He stated that he would look into it.



The winner of the October raffle was announced.  Her prize is a Barnes & Nobel gift certificate.