November 2004 meeting minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Butcher Suite, Campus Center, Pleasantville


The meeting was called to order at 8:45 am by Joe Kelly, co-chair.  Introductions were made. 



  • Phyllis Bradbury:  New phones are up and running in One Pace Plaza.  161-163 William St. will be up and running in Mid December and Midtown will be up and running in January.  Go to DOIT website for questions.  The Lubin School of Business has changed its exchange to 212-618-6xxx.  To call within the university, dial 16xxx.  People can change their phone numbers through the white pages.

Bring your old cell phones to West Hall room 212.  The phones are used at battered shelters.


  • Connie Serafin: No flu shots.  You can go to the Health care unit and they will demonstrate how to keep your self protected from getting the flu.  Anyone interested in getting a knitting club started, Joe Kelly will send out an email if you are interested in joining.
  • Maryanne Hricay: is on the search committee for V.P. of Enrollment Management.
  • Benefits Committee:  Phyllis Bradbury and Barbara DiCola: talked about new members, on going issues, ADHOC Committee, insurance for spouses and dependents, debit card for flex spending.  Contributions to medical insurance start in January 2005.
  • Service Committee:  Diane Pergola: Clout Toy Drive.  Need building reps for each building.  The drive goes from November 29 – December 10.   Departments can get together for gift purchases.  Goldstein 100 on December 15th for distribution.
  • Faculty Council:  Karen DeSantis: 
    • Holiday show on December 1st in the Gottesman room. 
    • Betty Torrance is stepping down from being chair.  Surendra Kaushik is a nominee. 
    • A new program is being considered to bus Pleasantville students to the New York Campus and vice versa on Fridays.
    • As of November 15 paychecks will be viewed on-line only through mypaceportal. 
    • There will be a community meeting on November 17 during common hour in the Gottessman room. 
    • Students want more interaction with faculty based on the results of the NSSE survey.
    • Admissions numbers will be revealed within the next week or two . 
    • There has been a 30 point increase in SAT scores from the 2002 enrollment to this year.
    • Blackboard has evaluation surveys included in each course shell.  The faculty are concerned about who approved them and how the responses will be used.


Special Guest Speaker Michele Russo – Ramirez – Benefits.  Click here to view the Powerpoint presentation.