September 2004 meeting minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center, Pleasantville


The meeting was called to order at 8:45 am by Joe Kelly, co-chair.  Introductions were made. 



  • Jill Rothman:  Diabetes Walk October 17, 2004, Rye Playland.  For more information, please email
  • Bill Batina:  Energy Awareness Group.  October is Energy Awareness Month.  For more information contact
  • Carolyn Lengers:  Learn to Excel calendar is on line only
  • Janice Russo: is now working at Training and Development:  Expanded orientation. Finance & Administration work order program October 5th and 6th, 2004.
  • Geoff Harter:  Together with Lisa Kyer; September 23rd is the last day to waive out of the mandatory Health Program.  Students can waive out online on the SARS page.
  • Connie Shaw:  Not many Pace members showed up for the Race for Cure Walk but Pace won.
  • Angelo Spillo: September 26th is the annual Harvest Fair at the Environmental Center, Pleasantville.
  • Alicia McNally: The President’s Commission on Diversity will be doing a survey for students 2004-5 and a survey for faculty 2005-6.  The purpose of the surveys is to ensure the continued success of the university in its commitment to diversity.
  • Karen DeSantis:  Reported that the President’s Commission for the reduction of costs had completed its charge last Spring.  All their findings and recommendations have been delivered for the President’s review.


Guest Speakers:

Frank McDonald Director of Security


Presented an overview of the policies, practices and issues governing parking, personnel I.D’s and safety on the Westchester  campuses.  Employees requiring new parking decals for their vehicles may acquire them at Wilcox Hall or Gannett House.  New stickers for ID cards can be obtained from Security.  In addition, we talked about traffic safety in Pleasantville, enhancements to improve pedestrian safety such as new speed bumps.


Briarcliff – mandated by the President – there are 328 parking spots, 465 cars park there.


The Pace community who do not reside on the Briarcliff campus may not enter the campus before 10am or 4pm.  Special hang tags have been issues to Briarcliff employees only.  Visitors to Briarcliff, before 10 a.m., may park either on the Pleasantville campus or park behind the Village of Briarcliff Post Office and then take the Pace bus to the Briarcliff Campus.


ID cards – The Pace One card is the official Pace ID card.  Buildings are being turned over to accept the swiping of a card.   Pace New York will have turnstiles.  You can get your ID card from Security Monday through Thursday 10 – 6.  Visitors receive passes.


To Activate your OneCard: the website is


Guest Speakers:

  Alice Seifert and Megan Morrison


Spoke about the new E-Procurement process.  We are very proud of this new system, as universities around the country are asking us how to use it.  Learn to Excel Programs will be given for deeper training.