April 2008 Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Westchester
Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, April 9, 2008   Conference Room A/B, Kessel Campus Center, Pleasantville


Attendance:  Donna Schilio, Colette Magnotta, Sallyann DiRosa, Cathy Pagano, Carol Turco, Christinea Blenkle, Heather Novak, Elaine Scanlon, Peggy Carracio, Betsy Garti, Karen Desantis, Kathi Reczek, Connie Giamei, Mary Ellen Humphry, Marie Werner, Michele Camardella, Ivy Aviles-Rivera, Christine Stephens, Karen Buckwald, Dan Botting, Nicole Moncayo, Sue Deigan, Marianne Hricay, Pat Milo, Mary Lieto, Pat Carolyn, Carol Dockery, and Fran O’Gara



·         4/10 Fit Walk 12-1 PM Meet at the Environmental Center- All are Welcome

·         4/15 Stop Human Trafficking Event   1PM Gottesman

·         4/15  2 PM Stone Barns Service Project  Contact Dan Botting at dbotting@pace.edu for more info

·         4/16 6-8 VIP Room Co-Op Professional Etiquette Dinner 5 dollars 4-course meal Contact Ivy at x 3415 for more info

·           4/19 Greystone Community Garden Service Project, all are welcome Contact Dan Botting at dbotting@pace.edu

·         4/25 6 PM  Goldstein Gym Relay for Life – Volunteers are still needed.  The group has raised over $26,000 so far 

·         4/24 Take Your Children to Work Day children, nieces, nephews, grandkids, welcome   8-15 years of age contact Betsy for more info at egarti@pace.edu   


Treasurer’s Report:

·         No Expenditures


Committee Report:


q  Benefits Committee – Fran O’Gara reports C-biz will not be our provider of flex spending after June 1.   A search committee will be formed to find an new administrator for the plan.  The vision plan is being revised as an additional rider like the dental plan. Review of prescription plan is also underway.  The group will meeting again on 4/28 and she will know more.  Contact Fran at fogara@pace.edu with any questions or concerns.

q  Middle States Representative – Karen Desantis updated the council on the progress of the university self-study. The next meeting will be a retreat on 4/25 at the law school for the whole day.  They will be working on the first written draft. Staff interested in knowing more about this group are encouraged to contact Karen at kdesantis@pace.edu

q  Faculty Council Representative – Karen Desantis reported on Faculty Council.  Joe Pastore reported on the progress for the Centers iniative.  He will be chairing this. They are looking at the Environment theme first.  Chinese 101 will be offered in Fall of 2008.  The president will attempt to engage the campus community through blackboard. Be on the lookout for the announcement.  All the Law School Dean finalists are all women.  Meeting on 4/25 with education to discuss the search for the associate dean for education.  Rick Whitfiled gave a presentation on the operating budget.  Karen is looking into getting a copy of this report.  Student Affairs faculty subcommittee is in the proves of creating a document on behavior.  Faculty Handbook is completed and will govern all full time faculty. 

q  Picnic Committee –Carol met 4/4.  Geoff Brackett will be this year’s MC.  The theme will be Sports.  Letters will go out for donations soon.  Volunteers are needed for selling raffles, desert contest, runners, etc.  Christine suggested sending out an email with specifics on   the jobs and commitments required.

q  Service Committee – No report


Old Business:

·            We have received no nominations for the executive council.  Elections will take place next month and if we do not receive any additional current members will go up for re-election. 

·            Earthshare:  Mary McDonald thanked Pace for its 5th year of support.  


New Business:

·            A Staff Affairs Board of Trustees Sub-Commitee pre-meeting will take place on 4/29.  Please contact Peggy with ideas, concerns etc.

·            Four people volunteered for the Search Committee for the VP of Human Resources (Ivy, Aisha, Cara and Heather).  The committee member will be selected from this group by the President.


Guest Speaker: Robina Schepp, Enrollment Management

·            Enrollment Management is on target to meet the stretch goals for undergraduate enrollment and on target to meet the budget goals for full-time graduate enrollment.

·            There has been significant improvement on the execution side of enrollment (when things get out, how they are processed, when acceptances and financial aid information goes out, etc.) 

·            This year is the first year that Pace is using a separate model for Pleasantville and New York for recruitment and even financial aid.

·            The powerpoint presentation given out at the meeting is available upon request.


Questions for Robina:

·            What is the percentage of incoming students that are CAP?  Robina stated that she did not have the figures immediately available, but she was working very hard not to single our CAP students and sees this as a positive step.

·            If a student was accepted to Pace but are weighing their options with other universities, you can forward their information to Chris Tyburski and admissions for follow-up.

·            If someone wants to be removed from Pace’s Admission Mailing list they can contact Sallyann DiRosa or Marcia DiChiara at Admissions with the information and they will be removed.

·            If someone is asked for information about Pace from an interested student, admissions marketing material is available by request from the Admissions office.  Robina suggested asking specifically for info cards to share with prospective students so they can be added to the university’s enrollment database.

·            Is Admissions going to put out a demographic book again?  Demographic information is currently housed at OPRAS, Admissions only tracks information about the incoming class.

·            You spoke about recruitment, but what about retention?  Why are people leaving?  Robina mentioned lack of sustainable finances during a four year period as a major constraint.

·            What percentage of students are coming in as part of the Tuition Remission program?  Robina stated that 7 incoming students will be covered by this benefit.  She did not have current information beyond that available. 



Next Council Meeting will be held at 8:30 AM on May 7, 2008 in Butcher Suite