February 2008 Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff
Administrative Staff Council Meeting



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center, Pleasantville




This semester’s community meeting will be held Wednesday, February 22 at 12:20PM in the Gottesman Room.

The United Way / Earthshare Auction will be held on May 8, 2008.  For those interested in more information contact Betsy Garti at egarti@pace.edu.


Treasurer’s Report:


Christina reported that the current Westchester Administrative Staff Council balance is $2537.80


Committee Report:


  • Benefits Committee – No report
  • Middle States Representative – Karen Desantis updated the council on the progress of the university self-study.  The retreat will be held February 15, 2008.  The self study will be out sometime in April.  Staff interested in knowing more about this group are encouraged to contact Karen at kdesantis@pace.edu
  • Faculty Council Representative – Karen Desantis reported on Faculty Council.  Issues covered included the Law School Dean search, updating of Pace benchmark institutions, issues with last minute class room changes, a report of increasing students in need of counseling support.  If there are students you identify as “at risk” either considering leaving the university, or of having general problems, please report them to success@pace.edu 
  • Picnic Committee –No report
  • Service Committee – No report


New Business:


Guest Speaker: President Stephen Friedman


  • 3-Year-Plan is not a strategic plan, but a “turn around plan”
  • Financial stability is the driving force of the plan
  • We want to focus on Pace’s strengths and join forces where appropriate i.e. Business/MFA (Producers), Nursing/Public Administration/Business (Healthcare)
  • 5 Point Plan includes Financial Stability through Moderate Growth, Strategic Repositioning to highlight Educating for the Professions, Growing Academic Reputation in selected Areas, Continuous Improvement in Faculty, Staff and Student Life, and Improvement in the Management Culture. 
  • PowerPoint presentation is available upon request.



Next Council Meeting will be held at 8:30 AM on March 5, 2008 in Butcher Suite



Respectfully Submitted,


Heather Novak, Secretary

Westchester Administrative Staff Council