May 2008 Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Westchester Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday May 7, 2008



·         Relay for life was an amazing success raising almost $70k

·         Everyone is invited to Dean Merritt’s stepping down party

·         United Way Auction is Thursday May 8.


Treasurer’s Report:

·         No expenses on the picnic yet.


Committee Reports:

Ø  Benefits Committee: Fran O’Gara and Michele Ramirez? Reported that open enrollment is May 15th – June 3.   Pace is going back to the original prescription tier system.  We will have a 12% increase (typically $4-$8 per paycheck for a single user). A vision plan has been added as well.  People that do not get their medical coverage through Pace can join just the vision part and still get the $750 benefit.  Dental is remaining as it is.  The vendors for the flexible spending accounts are changing – Pay Flex for flexible spending and Benefit Resource for commuter reimbursement. Both will use debit cards but keep your receipts.

Ø  Middle States:  Karen DeSantis reported the chapters are written.  They are being revised

Ø  Faculty Council. Karen DeSantis reported the faculty handbook has a draft and is going through the final revision.  It is hoped that it will be sent to AAUP who will review it for free. The new strategic plan committee does not have a staff member on it.  It is hoped to be completed by October for the ’09 to ’13 years.  It should only be 10 pgs long.   Former president Caputo will be teaching two political science classes in the fall – that was not arranged in accordance to the faculty handbook.

Ø  Picnic Committee. Carol Turco reported that once the United Way auction is over this will be done in full swing.

Ø  Service Committee. No report.


Old Business:

·         No one volunteered for a board position on the council.  The existing board will remain.


New Business:

·         Matthew Bonilla and Ian Lazerwitz reported about the upcoming migration of the email to Microsoft Exchange.  The actual migration will take place on August 9/10.  Mail quotas are being raised to 100mb.  There are many training sessions and focus groups available.  All IMO’s should be trained on how to help with the switch and DOIT will have many representatives in the field on the morning of August 11 to do any trouble shooting.  They have a website with step by step detailed instructions on what to expect. /page.cfm?doc_id=29918