April 2009 minutes

Minutes of the Pleasantville/Briarcliff
Administrative Staff Council Meeting

Wednesday, April 1, 2009   Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center, Pleasantville



Approval of the Minutes:  Karen DeSantis motioned to approve last month’s minutes.  Amanda seconded the motion.  Motion was approved.



·         Pace University was honored with the President’s Community Service Honor Roll for Higher Education for the third year in a row.  This is the higher federal honor a college or university can receive for commitment to community service.

·         Heather N. announced that there were 8 award winners for the first annual Jefferson Awards.  This national recognition honors students, staff and faculty who model dedication to bettering their communities and have a sustained commitment to community service.  This year two Pleasantville students Kayla Castronova (Dyson), Cristain Cano (Lubin ) and one staff member Susan Maxam (Office of Student Success) won Bronze Medallions


Treasurer’s Report:

·         No Report


Committee Report:


q  Benefits Committee – Dan Botting was nominated and elected as the latest member Benefits.  Peggy C.  thanked him for serving.  Fran O’Gara reported that the next Benefits meeting will be happening soon.   Look for announcements on Open Enrollment there may be changes and a survey about Health Insurance is going out shortly.  Michelle R. announced there will be a Benefits Vendor Fair in May  where representatives from 529 Savings, Flex Spending, etc. will be there.  Any questions about Benefits committee?  Contact Fran   at fogara@pace.edu with any suggestions or concerns.

q  Middle States Representative – Karen Desantis updated the council on the progress of the university self-study. Pace University preliminarily met the 14 standards for accreditation.  Thanks to everyone who participated. The final decision will be made in June.    Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Karen at kdesantis@pace.edu

q  Faculty Council Representative – Karen Desantis reported on Faculty Council.  Faculty Council changed the format of committee meetings.  Committee Reports are now first and speakers follow.  Announcements on the latest Strategic Plan were made.  Karen asked for people to check portal for announcements, because some information will only be posted there.  It was suggested to check portal at least once a week  Online student evaluations are being piloted so that students can get their voices heard.   Preview Days will be held 4/5 and 4/19.   

q  Service Committee – Fran O’G. updated the council on Daffodil Days.  We beat last year’s total.  There was a delivery problem with the flowers, so the Grad School received their flowers late, but everything worked out.  Lynn L.  thanked the council for its commitment to the CLOUT Toy Drive.   

q  Picnic Committee – The Picnic is June 12.  Mary L, Betsy G, Christina B. and Lisa B.  all volunteered, but the committee is still looking leadership.  If you are interested contact Peggy at mcarrico@pace.edu



New Business:

·            We are soliciting nominations for council, please consider running for one of the council positions.  If you are interested contact Peggy at mcarracio@pace.edu   Elections will take online this year.


Guest Speaker: Michelle Land,  Pace Academy for the Environment and Sustainability Committee

·            All the information and updates can be found at www.pace.edu/sustainabiliy 

·            Dr. Richard Schlesinger and Michelle Land co-chair this 8-month old university wide committee dedicated to seeking ways to engage the campus on sustainability issues.

·            There is a large committee and several sub-committees that make short, mid and long term recommendations to the university.  Sub-committees include:  Energy and Water, Recycling and Waste, Transportation, Dining, Green Building and Campus Culture and Academics.

·            Some of the initiatives include the 2030 Bloomberg Challenge to reduce the university’s carbon footprint.

·            Bill Betina gave a brief overview of the steps Facilities Management had underway including, upgrading heating and cooling systems, testing LED products, using compact florescent lighting, conversion to bio-diesel,  and micro-green filters for transportation etc.

·            Addressing campus culture is important and ongoing.  Initiatives include Sustainability Pledge at Graduation, UnBowed Common Reading and Convocation on September 6 and Earth Month

·            Additional members can join the various subcommittees and can contact Michelle L. at mland@law.pace.edu or Angello S. at aspillo@pace.edu  



Guest Speaker: Karen Robilotta, Vice President for Human Resources on Performance Management

·            Focus Group Meeting began early this year to start dialogue, review and restructure the Performance Appraisal Process.  Some of the participants included Vicki G, Fran O’G, and Pat C.

·            This process will be a online web-enabled process

·            Started with a  “blank slate” process that would be aligned with the Strategic Plan

·            This resulted with a new process with a focus on creating and maintaining dialogue between manager and employee, establishing behavioral expectations, defines competences for successful behavior, rates and values performance against expectations, results in and individual development plan and requires a year end review.

·            The Performance Review Cycle includes Planning and Setting Expectations – Performance Tracking and Feedback – Performance Evaluation and Review and back around again.

·            Staff fall into one of three categories:  Core Staff Competencies include Accountability, Service Focus, Continuous Improvement, Respectful, Communications and Fiscal Responsibility.  Core Management Competencies include Team Leadership, Delegates, Manages Performance, Drives Excellence, Develops Staff and Fiscal Responsibility.    Core Leadership (Executive Council) Competencies include Visionary, Strategic Thinker, Inspires, Continuous Learner, Communications and Influence, Change Leader, Decisiveness and Risk-Taking, Asset Management and Represents Pace to the External Community.

·            Staff are evaluated by their immediate supervisor.

·            Rollout of the plan is now taking place:  April (web-testing), May (training), June (implementation), and July (individualized goal setting).

·            Comments, clarification or concerns can be directed to Bob Lazer at rlazer@pace.edu or at X22746

·            Heather N. asked if students would be evaluated.  Karen answered not at this time, but part-time staff will be.

·            Michelle C. asked if the appraisal could be signed and forwarded to the supervisor before it was discussed with the employee.  Karen answered that it is, although a staff person will be able to discuss this with their manager.

·            Heather asked if Executive Management Council would be evaluated by their direct reports.  Karen answered that 360 Evaluations are not included in this first rollout but may be in the future.



Picnic will be held June 12, 2009 Dining Room A at 12 PM