December 6, 2013

Westchester Administrative Staff Council
December 6, 2013


The meeting was called to order at 9:02 AM.

Minutes from the November meeting were approved.

Guest speakers:

Vincent Birkenmeyer, Residence Director

He advised that the home of a current student’s family burned down on November 24-25. The student’s father is an alumnus, and the family is safe. There are numerous fundraising drives being held to assist the family including direct collections in each of the residence halls and bake sales on December 10-11 (11am-1PM) in the Well. Student leaders have worked with Pace Perk to fundraise by putting donations on swipe cards.

Dawn Rigney, Executive Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

The Academic Federal Credit Union (AFCU) matches faculty and staff campaign gifts up to $5,000. AFCU’s CEO, Ina Fitch, presented a heck for last year’s faculty/staff campaign to Dawn Rigney. They are matching gifts from faculty and staff up to $5,000 again this year. The AFCU moved to a brand new building off campus in Briarcliff this year.


Luciana Ziegler, Employee Relations Manager

Luciana introduced Lisa Dash-Grimes, the new Director of Recruitment.

Employee Recognition
Faculty, staff, student, and contract workers are included in various recognition initiatives.

1.      Anniversary Luncheon

2.      Annual Employee Recognition Ceremonies

3.      Your Excellence Shows (YES)Program

The Anniversary Luncheon celebrates honorees with 20, 30, 40, 45, and 50 years of service. The event alternates annually between PLV and NYC. Honorees receive an award from the president and are invited to bring their family to the luncheon.

There are three Annual Recognition Ceremonies. Service awards are presented to employees with 5-50 years (in five year increments) of service.

Special awards are nomination-based. Nominations opened in August. A list of special awards can be found at

The Nominations Committee is volunteer-based and evaluates nominations to determine prize winners. Nominators can also receive prizes through random drawings.

The YES program acknowledges the work that staff and student workers perform in their everyday roles.

Movie tickets are awarded monthly via a random drawing of nominees.

The Nominations Committee selects a $500 awardee for both the Westchester and NYC campuses annually. There is also a $250 textbook scholarship annually for a student worker. The recipients are announced at Recognition Ceremonies

In order to raise funds for the student winner, HR partnered with an art student who developed bookmark that is sold for $1 at events. HR makes up any shortfall.


FY2013 Statistics and highlights

630 participants

431 YES nominations

2 student workers have received scholarships

How can you get involved?

·         The Nominations Committee needs members (contact Rosemary Mulry). The first 50 nominators are eligible to win a Kindle Fire.

·         Like “Pace University Human Resources” on Facebook.

·         Help create awareness that student workers are eligible for awards. Students can nominate professors and staff, and also be nominated themselves.

·         Nominate colleagues, faculty members, etc.

Vincent Beatty, Executive Director of Safety and Security

Safety and Security has screened the video “Shots Fired” in NYC and PLV, and will be presenting it at the Law School and Graduate Center.

In recent years there have been many incidents of an active shooter on a campus. Pace has lockdown procedures in place with security and maintenance.

An active shooter situation usually lasts 5-10 minutes. You can lockdown as much as possible, but an assailant that has a desire to do harm can still do damage.

All Pace phones have a red button that calls Security directly.

You can also dial 777 on any internal phone to reach Security.

The last resort is calling 911 on a cell phone if you have one.

There are also blue emergency lights around campus to contact Security.

Security has good relationships with the local police departments of Mt. Pleasant, Pleasantville, and Briarcliff, as well as the county and state. There are nine former NYPD officers in Safety and Security. Security does not carry guns or weapons; they can assist and go to the scene of an incident, but will call the police. The local police patrol our campus and also train here.

Because many of the local police departments are small, they call in Mutual Aid if necessary – other police such as the MTA, Department of Environmental Protection, Ossining, other local departments.

In an active shooter situation, the first team will ignore the injured to get to the shooter; the second and third teams will deal with the injured.

A video designed for the workplace environment can be viewed at:

Pre-cursors to violence include anger and frustration. If you see any type of indicators, let Security and HR know.

Weapons are not allowed on campus (only for active police officers and law enforcement).  Remember that you can throw anything at someone to protect yourself.

The First Alert program keeps key members of Pace staff aware of meltdowns, family crisis, drug and alcohol abuse, cutting, etc.

If you see something, say something.


Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report

No update.


Benefits Committee

For employees pursuing a degree beyond a master’s, Pace pays for half of the program. For our two new PhD programs, the University pays 100%, but if program is full, it won’t accept employees. The employee must pay taxes on 100% of the tuition.

Some faculty members have requested that we add a Roth IRA option to our present plan. With a Roth IRA, taxes are paid after funds are withdrawn; a regular IRA is pre-tax.

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, everyone is required to have healthcare insurance. As of 2018, an excise tax will be imposed upon any business or institution that is not keeping costs down. We need to keep our price of renewal down to keep our costs down individually in order to keep renewal rate down. We have instituted Wellness programs in order to prevent the cost of insurance from increasing. If the insured has certain tests, they are eligible for a refund up to $250. A smoking cessation promotion will begin on campus shortly. Other programs will follow. The

Staff and faculty are encouraged to attend the holiday party this afternoon. HR is co-sponsoring with SDCA. There will be a window painting contest, trivia, games, and prizes.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:21am.

Respectfully submitted by Michele Camardella.