February 1, 2013

Westchester Administrative Staff Council
February 1, 2013
Butcher Suite, Pleasantville

The meeting was called to order at 9:07am.

Pleasantville Academic Plan
Professor Richard Kraus spoke about the PLV Academic Identity Plan, which is part of the Augmented Pace Action Plan (APAP) spearheaded by Provost Uday Sukhatme.

There is a meeting on March 1 from 10AM-12PM in the Miller Hill Lecture Hall regarding the Academic Plan. This plan is continually being updated. Professor Kraus encourages everyone to review the plan and advise Provost Sukhatme of any concerns or suggestions.

Please review the acronym ARISE and see if it makes sense, as well as the 5-year programs which students have advised are very attractive to them. Are we missing anything? Can anything be stated better? This will help get funding for programs from the board.

The provost is meeting with the Board of Trustees in March and April.

New Business

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the last meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
There is no change to the Treasurer’s Report.

Benefits Committee
The committee has not yet met this semester. They will have two meetings before the next admin/staff council meeting and will report out then.

Service Committee
Daffodil Days has been discontinued. If anyone has any service ideas, please let the executive committee know.

Picnic Committee
The Picnic Committee needs volunteers. Please contact Anna Fishman.

Faculty Council
Heather Novak is sick but shared the following from the Faculty Council meeting:

* Nominations and elections were held for CDFTP, CDFTP Appeals

* Richard Kraus gave update on Pleasantville Academic Identity working group


*Bill McGrath gave presentation on Master Plan progress


Guest Speakers:

Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, Dean for Students

Aisha Moyla, Director of Administration and Communications, Office of Administration

The goal of the Master Plan is to consolidate BRM and PLV, and to transfer PLV into a suburban residential campus that is environmentally friendly. The Phase 1A plan includes:

  • New residence halls
  • Expanded student center
  • Relocate and Enhance Environmental Center
  • New field house and improved athletics fields
  • Improved pedestrian and campus circulation
  • New campus green


Question: What about parking availability? Will there be a shuttle for those of us who have to transport a lot of things for events, classes, etc.? What about a drop-off zone?

There will be a parking committee that will look into these issues.

The plan is to increase the critical mass of students in residence to enhance campus life, which includes enriching co-curricular programming through Living-Learning Communities an leveraging the bucolic landscape.

By creating more first year buildings and focusing on living-learning communities research shows student academic achievement will improve. Building A will house first year and second year students and building B will house upper-class students. The housing model also allows us to have faculty mentors in the halls as we will have an apartment for a faculty member in building A & B. There will be a mix of units to meet market demand, accommodate living-learning programs, and we will provide expanded services to improve residential and student life experience. Classrooms, conference room, dining option, and a 24-hour welcome desk are included in the plan. The dining option will be open to faculty and staff, and hopefully open in the summer to offer a dining alternative when the main dining room is closed. There will be outdoor seating.

The West side of Kessel will be expanded, and 200 more dining spaces will be added. The pond will be dredged and beautified by making improvements that will enhance the wild life and aesthetics. We’ll be able to capture most of the pollutants before they get into pond. Kessel will have some more program space and lounges for students, a new entryway, underground loading dock, and green roof above the loading dock.

Question: What will keep the geese away?

We’ll still have the dogs.

There will be a new Field House, allowing for more of a game day experience with a VIP area, a re-surfaced multipurpose field, and a re-surfaced baseball field. This will be more attractive to students for recruitment.

The Environmental Center farmhouse will be picked up and moved.  A new classroom building will be constructed with the hopes of achieving a Gold LEED certification. The solar panels will also be moved onto the new building. Environmental center programs will be enhanced. There will be a path to pastures, hawk barn, beehives, sheep/goat pens, etc.

The Environmental Center improvements will begin in August 2013 (complete by this time next year); this time next year residence hall A begins and will be open for fall2015. Kessel Renovation begins at the end of 2014 and end in fall 2015.

The Development Staff is working closely with athletics now. Katie Reifenberg in Development and Alumni Relations is working on naming and the campaign.

Feature of new construction include: reduction of water consumption by building; renewable energy sources; bicycle storage; and open space.

Question: What is a green residence hall?

Students will be able to monitor energy usage and water usage.

Question: What about building maintenance for existing buildings?

This plan doesn’t impact our deferred maintenance plans. Current deferred maintenance projects will be addressed during the annual capital budget process.

Where we are now: The schematic designs are completed; prioritized academic space; completed the State Environmental Quality review process; addressed Mount Pleasant planning board issues and adopted a findings statement on the Final Environmental Impact statement.

We are completing the design development phase, looking at details like lighting, flooring, etc. We are issuing an RFP for a construction manager. In May, we go to the Board of Trustees to get approval to begin construction.

Question: When will BRM move to PLV?

BRM staff will be off site for the first phase then brought in. We won’t vacate the property until fall 2016. BRM was just put back on the market.

The meeting adjourned at 10:05AM.