February 4 2011 minutes

Westchester Administrative Staff Council Meeting

February 4, 2011

Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center


Welcome and Call to Order at 9:10 by Chair Pat Carolan.

Pat introduced Vinnie Berkenmeyer, President of the Student Association, who gave a brief description of the SA.  He outlined their budget process and government structure.  SA meetings are at noon on Fridays where they vote on budgets matters and address issues that come up weekly.  Each person on the SA executive board has a specific role which includes outreach and specific programs.  They also spend about 15 hours each in the office.  They want to have students involved in all aspects of the university.  The SA focuses on helping students develop leadership skills.

How we can work together:

  • Students appreciate staff coming to events which they understand may be difficult as many events don’t happen until 9 pm at night.
  •  The SA is always looking for advisors for the students groups.
  • Keep in contact with the Executive Board, request student feedback on outreach for students.
  •  Come to SA meetings.  All SA meetings run very strictly on Roberts Rules of Order so if you would like to be on the agenda, please contact us at SAPLV@pace.edu.  Any presenters will be addressing the whole senate at these meetings.


  • Honors societies are not included in the budget for SA.  Correct.  Honors societies have requirements for membership and the SA budget is only for organizations that benefit the whole student body.  Funding must be for events that are for everyone as compared to an event that is only for women or only for a part of the student body.
  • Are clubs able to request funding?  Yes, they need to meet specific requirements as a group to join SA.
  • Direct delivery of Paw Print?  Contact Molly Foreman – editor.
  • Flush Flash is a weekly notice and can be emailed to a department if you would like to receive it in your area.


Workshop: Managing Mental Health Crises in the University Setting.
Andrea Winters, Associate Director, Counseling Services
Dr. Jasmin Kwok, Post Doctoral Fellow


  • Overview of mental illness in the college population
  •  Common signs/indications
  • Questions to ask yourself in a situation
  • Emergency  - get to counseling center/security asap without excalating
    • Visualization exercise (Balloon with bags of anxieties)
    • Breathing / tension release
  • Tips for managing the student
  • What the Counseling Center needs to know



  • Feb 15th is the priority deadline for FAFSA filing.
  • The council now has a blog at http://WASC.blogs.pace.edu. Minutes and announcements will be posted on the blog.  A new website will be available when the new Drupal cms is rolled out in March.
  • Alumni relations reception will be held Saturday June 4th at the Plaza.  Information for staff will be sent out via the listserv.
  • April meeting with be at the Graduate Center.  We would like to move the meeting to April 8th rather than April 1st.  Benefits will be covered by Matt Renna.
  • The Commencement Committee would like to increase the number of staff volunteers.  Undergrad commencement will be in PLV on Friday, May 20th.  Grad will be on Sunday, May 22nd at Lincoln Center.


Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes - Thank you to Marianne Hricay for taking minutes in January.  Minutes were posted on the blog.

Faculty Council Representative: (Karen DeSantis) Meeting this afternoon and notes will be posted.

Service Committee: Due to weather problems and looming deadlines we will not be able to do the Daffodil Days program this year.

Picnic Committee: Anna Fishman will volunteer to chair the picnic.  We need people with ideas to help with the planning and who want to help on the day.  The date for the picnic will be selected soon.


Meeting adjourned at 10:35 am.