March 1, 2013

Administrative Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2013


The meeting was called to order at 9:00am.

A motion was made to approve the minutes from the February 1, 2013 meeting and seconded.


Treasurer’s Report

No change to the budget. However, the Admin/Staff Council will receive a $2,000 gift from an anonymous donor once again for the picnic.


Benefits Committee

Some of the preventative programs have made a good impact. Our starting renewal rate is 3.3%. This gives us some leverage as far as plan designs. In two weeks the committee will vote on plan changes. They will need input from the staff regarding some of the changes. They are likely adding a pregnancy wellness plan.


Faculty Council

The faculty is having the same discussion about benefits. The Provost’s meeting is at 10AM today in Willcox gym. In mid-March, he is going to the Board of Trustees to get funding for PLV.


Picnic Committee

The picnic is June 12. We are continuing with the Bingo theme.


Guest Speakers

Susan Donahue and Edyta Zych from Organization Learning and Development (OL&D)

Susan Donahue:

Training programs include open enrollment, dedicated training, one-on-one training. Often, a concern is not a training issue, but instead requires consulting/mentoring, which can also be supplied.

OL&D also assists with staff retreats. They can present programs and create the curriculum/agenda. Retreats can include goal setting and visioning.

The Management Skills Curriculum includes many options. There is mandatory training for new hires in management roles or those promoted into such positions.

A discussion ensued as to the categories used in the review process for staff, faculty and the schools.

The Professional Curriculum is being expanded to include time management and “Building a Constructive Relationship with your Manager.”


Question: What is “Fast Paced”?

The pilot group is just ending. Nominations are underway for the next cohort. This is a two-year program that is moving to 18 months. It includes approximately 15-20 people. Each one has a mentor from senior management. It involves some process change and a lot of independent reading.

Certificates of Achievement are offered in Management Skills and Professional Skills.

Contact Susan Donahue or Bob Lazer if you or your area is interested in any kind of training.


Edyta Zych:

Edyta works across multiple departments and offers training on various systems.

iStrategy is a data warehouse that sits on top of Banner and lets you request reports. Each Banner module is actualized and made available via Proclarity and Excel. It is also available to academic chairs and program managers to pull course, major and program statistics.

OL&D also provides online options for eLearning, video reference guides, voice-over narration and Adobe training. If your area needs to develop a training project with an online component, contact Edyta.

To register for training, go to:

Human Resources >

Calendar and Registration >

Click the course you want (note that some courses appear under the drop down for other areas rather than under OL&D) >

Log in using your Pace username and password


Question? Is there a place where employees can see all of the OL&D courses they’ve taken? Not yet. Contact OL&D for that information.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:55AM.