March 7, 2014

Westchester Administrative Staff Council

March 7, 2014 

The meeting was called to order at 9AM.

Guest Speaker: Susan Donahue
A new program is being introduced to provide leadership training to those who aspire to be managers. This program is still under development, and feedback from staff is requested. Participants will be nominated for the program, which could run between 12-18 months. Workshops will focus on a wide range of topics from project/time management to delegation to customer service. The intent is to prepare middle management/support staff for the next steps in their career. Any questions should be directed to Susan Donahue.

Guest Speaker: Matt Renna
The goal of the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) is to give everyone affordable access to healthcare. To do so, the act includes provisions to: control insurer profits, include more consumers in the risk pool such as younger, low-risk individuals who are now paying into the system; support high deductible plans.

The AHA has already taken effect. There are no copayments for wellness visits, and dependents can be covered until age 26. The downside is lower flex spending contributions, which means more FICA and taxes.

As of 2014, state healthcare exchanges are up and running. All citizens are required to have health insurance or will be penalized.

Pace meets all requirements that have been imposed upon employers. There are now other taxes and fees that will impact our renewal rate, including a per person tax built into the premium.

In network doctors remain a straight co-pay. There is a capped, out-of-pocket maximum. It has to be built into the premium.

Of concern is the 2018 Excise Tax, or “Cadillac Tax”. This is a 40% tax on the annual value of your healthcare plan that exceeds $10,200 for a single and $27,500 for a family. The tax is growing and will continue to grow, so instead of paying the standard 8% renewal after 2018, it would be a renewal plus penalty (which equals a 20.4% increase). There might be adjustments for organizations with many employees of a higher than average age, but it is still worrisome.

There are categories of the state-sponsored exchange plans: bronze, silver, gold, platinum. Pace’s plan is already off the chart compared these plans, which have very high deductibles in the cheaper options. In 2018, it is likely that the government will likely want organizations to offer higher deductible plans as well.

What are we doing at Pace? We strive to create a financially sustainable plan that will attract and retain employees and that includes affordable options. We are increasing our wellness initiatives, looking at benchmark schools, reviewing our vendor and funding arrangements, and want to engage in a University-wide discussion on what is going on.

Pace’s Wellness initiatives include:

-       Flu shots

-       Healthy babies program

-       Wellness Wednesdays

-       Preventive care program

-       Smoking cessation programs

Cigna has a smartphone app, MyCigna, which is very useful.

We are still early in our renewal process with Cigna, and there really is nothing to share right now.

Guest Speaker: Anna Fishman
The Administrative/Staff Council Picnic is scheduled dor Wednesday, June 11. Due to construction, Kessel won’t be available. We want to have the picnic and give staff the opportunity to get together. Suggestions include:

-       Tailgating

-       Using Briarcliff Dining Hall (No A/C; possible parking issues)

-       Using Willcox gym (No A/C)

-       Goldstein Gym – Kristin Vinceguerra will talk to Mike Wynn

It was suggested that we set up a registration page.


Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report:
Our budget is $5,500.  NYC Admin/Staff Council is giving us an extra $100 that will be used for breakfast next month. We have $5,147 for the picnic.

New Business:
The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is March 28. There is a staff/faculty discount. Joe Pastore is receiving the Peter X Finnerty Leadership Award.

GreenPace Award nominations are being accepted.

Staff Development Day is May 30. Details will follow.

Employee Recognition Ceremonies are in NYC on March 11 and Pleasantville on March 27 from 3-5PM in Kessel.

Administrative Staff Council elections are coming up. We are seeking a Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:13AM.