January 7 2011 minutes

January 7, 2011
Westchester Administrative Staff Council Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Pat Carolan. The attendants introduced themselves and Pat introduced President Friedman.

President Friedman mentioned the current exhibit in Kessel which shows the founders of Pace in their early years. The material in the exhibit is from the University archives. There will be rotating exhibits related to Pace and the next one will be about women at Pace.

The President talked about the Strategic Plan and taking the University to look at the end of the process and the synthesis with the mission.

The following are from the President’s presentation:

Pace is able to differentiate itself from other schools with exposure to the biggest COOP program in the NYC area; its interdisciplinary programs are explosive and innovative. The core is the same for all the programs. The objective is to prepare students. According to  a Forbes survey Pace is one of the top 20 “colleges that will make you rich”.  We are educating people not just to earn but with a professional education

Diversity is an essential part of the Pace education. We are diverse in our student body with international students. Last year Pace students represented more than 50 countries. The multi-campus is part of our diversity. There are different strengths on both campuses which are to be marketed.

We are to look at the 1st year implementation plan to see what the departments are doing. We are to focus on getting things done with mid-course corrections; focus on Pace relationship with the outside world, with alumni for fundraising

Financial strengths – core of ability to succeed, spend money on facilities, invest in the University and take care of our families.

Start with financial, we are tuition driven, based on enrollment which declined from 2002-2007. FTEs (full time equivalent) offset by special programs in School of Education which were not profitable enough and swamped the SOE, especially in NYC. In 2007 the SOE cut back on the enrollment in special programs; the special enrollment decreased and core FTEs increased, Core enrollment increased by 1200, mostly in Dyson and retention has increased. There was a long term decline in enrollment starting in in 2002. Gross revenues are increasing from 2002 to 2007, expenses increased faster. There is an expectation of no operating loss in 2010, projecting a $6 million surplus. Low interest rates have contributed to operating losses. There is a $75 million accumulation for retiree health benefits. The University borrowed $120 million 10 years ago with a variable interest rate but was able to ‘swap” for a better rate. Our unrestricted assets are too low but should fix themselves when rates are normal. We have to take the surplus to reduce the unrestricted net assets.

There is growth in graduate degrees; two new ones, Homeland Security and Media & Communication. We are currently looking for NYS approval for a PhD in Counseling from Dyson.

The Provost is reviewing Honors and CAP to make them better. We need to be outstanding in something and put our resources into this. The single most important item is the renewal of faculty.

The technology fee, with oversight from the committee to decide how to spend it. Essentially 100% wireless in the dorms and permanent projectors in every classroom.

iStrategy will let us access date without the IT service group. We now have financial and enrollment modules to retrieve data more easily. We have e-portfolio which is simple and versatile where we can store documents and data.

We are spending more money on infrastructure e.g. the PLV cafeteria and the Lienhard lecture hall.

Most Strategic Plans don’t work; they are only useful if a guide to action. Every school and dept. is to have yearly plans on how to accomplish the Strategic Plan.

PLV site plan has been presented. In NYC a new dorm is to be constructed. It will house the Brooklyn students in Fall 2013 and will accommodate 600 students. Every resident student in NY will be within walking distance of Pace Plaza.

We are looking at marketing Briarcliff. It will be a long term process. An environmental impact will be presented to Mt. Pleasant, it will include dorms for the Briarcliff residents, relocation of roads, grassy squads, a turf field and softball fields.

We foresee a very exciting future for the University with a terrific leadership team. We are grateful to everyone who has worked hard.


Capital Campaign – where does the money go? All the contributions including the annual giving go towards operations. Some of the capital goes toward scholarships but with the market collapse, endowments are under water. Very little is for capital construction.

There will be a new campaign to fund the master site plan for NY

PLV master plan is to be funded by the sale of Briarcliff, the dorms by student fees. There will be another campaign for athletic facilities

Grad Center – have not been focusing on its use. It is not used all day, it is an expensive facility, needs to be made more productive or sell it. There are no immediate plans; Lubin is working to recruit additional students for graduate programs.

HUMAN RESOURCES -  Betsy  Garti spoke about the Recognition Ceremony, there will be 3 ceremonies in March, put in recommendations, have a committee of 5-8 faculty, staff, students.

YES program database through the HR website, staff awards, now open for student awards, can nominate groups, 3 campus winners at ceremonies.

Project Management – offered at the grad center, a two day course, eligible for tuition remission.

Revising Employee Handbook – there will be a Policy and non-Policy sections, want to divide the two. Need feedback from a small committee, the first changes will be in March with a Management Training course.

Weight Watchers – if interested, will be on site, $144 for 12 weeks, email Rosemary Mulry .

Respectfully submitted, Marianne Hricay, 1/7/2011