October 1 2010 minutes

Westchester Administrative Staff Council Meeting

October 1, 2010

Butcher Suite, Kessel Campus Center


Co-Chair Peggy Caraccio called the meeting to order at 9:05 and welcomed everyone back.  Based on the results of the survey, more people wanted to have the meetings on Friday and wanted meetings in the morning so we will be meeting on Friday mornings this year.


New meeting format will include forums/panels with up to three people.  The speakers will be at the beginning of the meetings so if you need to leave for another meeting, you will not miss the speakers.



Beth Klingner, Assistant Dean for Instructional Technology

Chiara Travia, Grad student, M.A. in Media and Communication Arts



·         Use E-Portfolios to collect information including papers, resumes, videos, pictures, class discussions as blogs, personal information.  It can be used for teaching and learning as well as applying for jobs.  It can also be used for assessment and research.   E-portfolios are also used for reflection by the students.

·         An integrative approach is best including using all features together as well as using the best features for the students.  Educational passport marking all the things you have done throughout your academic career.  Google mail will allow them to continue with their mail after graduation and e-portfolios will also allow for use after graduation. 

·         Blackboard has an e-portfolio tab.  Everyone at Pace has an e-portfolio account.  http://Eportfolio.pace.edu 

·         When creating your portfolio you will want to decide who your audience will be – professors, potential employers, etc.  Courses taken are listed in the course listings under the Academic Materials.

·         Wordle.net – type in words about yourself and select a color scheme.  They you can save it as a jpg and post it.

·         100mg space for students at this time.  Wfs.pace.edu is also available for storage.  Using Mahara which is an open source tool but everything is hosted at Pace.

·         Support Site at www.pace.edu/eportfolio.  Tutorials are available on the site as well.




Betsy Garti: Introduced Luciana Ziegler as our new employee relations manager.  Introduce Matt Renna, new director of benefits who unfortunately is not here today but will be here for the next meeting


Flu shots are next week for Cigna members.


Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes – no minutes as the last meeting was the picnic.


Picnic photos were set up as a slide show.  Thanks to a $2000 donation, we were able to give away more items in the raffle and the little money pots.  Please keep in mind that this was a one-time donation and the picnic for 2011 will be funded by our budget along.


Treasurer’s Report – Spending is on coffee and tea per meeting.  Money is saved for the end of the year picnic.


Committee Reports:

Benefits Committee – no report


Faculty Council Representative: Karen DeSantis

Faculty Council will meet later today.   Notes from Faculty Council will now be sent via the listserv or linked directly within the minutes rather than taking the time during the meeting.

Service Committee: Dan Botting.  December is around the corner.  Do we want to continue with the Clout program or is there another program that we would like to participate in this year?  If you have a suggestion for another program please let us know.  If you have comments about either continuing with Clout or benefiting another charity, please send them in.  The decision will be made at the November meeting. 


Picnic Committee:   We would like to have a committee this year rather than the Executive board.  Please consider volunteering.


Upcoming meeting dates and speakers:

·         November 5:  panel of Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Sheying Chen
 Dean Neil Braun, Lubin
 Dean Andrea Spencer, School of Education

·         December 3:  Interim Provost Harriet Feldman
 Interim CFO Robert Almon
 Vice President for Enrollment Management Robina Schepp

·         January 7: President Friedman

·         February 4: Vinnie Berkenmeier, Student Association                                                  

·         March 4:  Tom Torello, University Relations
  Matt Renna, Human Resources

·         April 1:      Human Resources, Open Enrollment

·         May 6:


Pat Carolan will represent both of the Administrative Staff Councils for the search for Provost.


Matt Rena has taken over the wellness committee and will continue to work the original committee members.  He will have the direct connection with Cigna to enhance the initiatives.


Pace information center – 311.  Maureen Doddy will be contacting people to gather information to create a contact list and Frequently Asked Questions document with answers for the operators.  Please double check your area web pages so that the information on your websites is correct, especially phone numbers and other contact information.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:18 a.m.