November 4, 2001


Westchester Administrative Staff Council Meeting
November 4, 2011
Butcher Suite, Kessel Student Center


The meeting was called to order at 9:00AM by Pat Carolan.


Introduction of New Employees:

Introduced five new employees who have joined Pace since last spring.

Reviewed purpose of Admin-Staff Council and encouraged them to continue attending.

Introduced individuals around the room.



A question was raised about the holiday calendar because it doesn’t match the academic calendar.  Clarification will be provided to the listserv regarding the days off. 


Alumni Relations moved to Vineyard.  An update will be made to the White Pages.  The 901 Bedford Road address must be used for mail.  


Homecoming was a huge success.  The parade included 2 flat-bed trucks with approximately two hundred students, faculty, and administration marching.  Seniors said it was best homecoming in their time here.


Faculty Council:

Karen DeSantis provided overview of Faculty Council Meeting from October 14.

  • It was a joint meeting and went into executive session.
  • They voted on the faculty handbook which has been approved by the board of trustees.  They are currently working on amendments to the handbook.
  • Additionally, they are working on enrollment numbers as the census is not finalized.


Benefits Committee:

Fran O’Gara stated that a new incentive program for preventative care and testing was announced through email.  Certain well-care and early detection tests will receive a stipend if completed.  Regular physicals should have a $0 co-pay and all are reminded to check their explanation of benefits (EOB) to make sure this is billed appropriately. 


Service Committee:  We are looking for a volunteer to chair this committee.


Picnic Committee: There was no report at this meeting.


Treasurer’s Report: There was no change in treasury.


The minutes from the October meeting were approved.




Presentation: Matt Bonilla, Associate Vice President of Office of Student Assistance (OSA)

Matt lead a discussion on the changes that have occurred in OSA to improve service to students, families, and other departments.


There has been a change at Pace where there is a heightened sense of the entire community working together.  For example, during move in weekend multiple teams (OSA, ITS, B&G, Financial Aid, and others) worked throughout the weekend to ensure the move in process was smooth, questions and issues were addressed promptly, and provide service on site.


OSA previously had a negative reputation, particularly in being responsive.  However, the staff truly cares about the University and the students.  It was an organization issue caused by work load, lack of cross functionality, and outdated rules.


Completed the first satisfaction survey which had both positive and negative responses.  There was a group of unhappy people so OSA identified ways in which they could help.  This included initiating a single contact number for the call center and cross functionality of team members to handle calls with minimal wait time.  Additionally, the project required creating an action plan with Financial Aid to work out financial issues that prevent registration.


The call center message now states that you may go online and initiate a help ticket which will be responded to in 24-hours.  This has helped tremendously.


Matt has been attending student government and community meetings.  He has heard no complaints so far this year, a dramatic difference from previous years.


Matt shared an example of a student who came and needed extra financial aid to continue at school.  The student is strong academically and actively is engaged at the school, so we found a solution to keep the student at Pace. 


Maureen Doddy shared that her daughter is having a great success at Pace and is happy.


There were 12 Promotions in OSA over summer; rewarding staff and creating career paths. 


Matt shared a new program for military veterans that offers a targeted approach to help them navigate the systems both for Pace and for their military benefits.  They have created a single point of contact and are hiring veterans to work in this program.  The aim is to bring in a significant population in January for the spring semester.  There is currently a radio campaign, a group walking in the Veterans Day Parade, and partnerships being developed with other areas of the University.


Maureen requested a FAQ sheet for the call center.


Registration for spring term is approaching so OSA is actively “calling for cash” to try to bring accounts to dates so students with balances can register on time.  They are hearing lots of stories and situations at this time of year.


OSA won the Golden Key Award from students.


The Counseling Center is feeling the impact of OSA’s flexibility and immediacy as well as seeing students’ appreciation.


A discussion of the academic transcript versus the extra-curricular transcript was brought forward.  The goal is to allow students to share the best full picture with employers.  Discussion about reflecting internships appropriate for both the student and the employers will be continued off line.  Additional stakeholders such as campus leaders may need to be involved to gain the full picture.               



The next meeting is Dec. 2nd.