October 3, 2013

Westchester Administrative Staff Council
Friday, October 4, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 9:07 am.

Volunteers are needed for the Service Committee.
Picnic Committee – chaired by Anna Fishman
Faculty Rep is Richard Kraus
Faculty Council Rep is Heather Novak

Guest speakers: Members of Master Plan Logistics Team – Aisha Moyla, Bill Link, Vincent Beatty, Lisa Bardill Mosaritolo

Right now the community is separated; we’ll be able to consolidate more with new residence halls. There will be more green spaces and courtyards. More walking on campus.


Residence Hall A is mainly 400 first and second year students – doubles with private baths, community spaces, dining kiosk, classroom space for living/learning communities.
Construction will begin as soon as the ground thaws in spring.

Residence Hall B – suites double/double with common area. Contruction begins in 2015 and it will be ready for fall 2016.

Kessel will be more open and have more light, more student space and more dining space and options. The roof will be raised, and more glass added. Work begins the day after Commencement. There will be a green roof over the loading dock.

Athletics will have a turf field that will allow us to be more competitive,. There will be lights for multipurpose fields. Trying to work construction around athletics schedule. Athletics facilities are being designed now and should be completed for Fall 2015.

The environmental center will include a new classroom building behind Paton House. Solar panels from existing classroom building will be moved to new building. We are eeking gold LEED certification. The building will have geothermal and solar energy, and a mechanical room to show energy consumption.

Q: Has Briarcliff been sold yet?
No, but we have interested parties.

Q: How will this impact enrollment and open house?
We are guiding everyone to entrances 1 & 2. Welcome Center Tours have been reconfigured to avoid construction areas. There is little impact on enrollment projections.

Lot K will be closed permanently. Shirley Beth’s Way will be opened to traffic at night to help egress. Parking will be added to side and back of Choate in the spring. There is no overnight parking allowed by Choate, Kessel or Goldstein. There are currently 2100 parking spaces on campus. Parking regulations will be enforced. All parking info has been communicated to students. Martin residents will be most inconvenienced.

There will be construction vehicles, daily deliveries, and noise. Extra security and flagmen will be added as needed.

Next Community Meeting is November 13.

50th Anniversary PLV
Cara Cea noted that we are seeking stories for the 50th anniversary website. Go to www.pace.edu/plv50.

Advertising on the Peak 107.1, Pleasantville Examiner, PLV community television, and the Daily Voice.

Maria Luskay’s students are filming Pace stories on Oct 8, 15, 22 from 12:15 – 3:15PM.

Michele Camardella noted that there is a $50 rate for staff and faculty for 50 Years, 50 Faces.

Treasurer’s Report
$5500 budget; $335 for beverages.

New Business
May 2013 meeting minutes were approved.

Karen Buckwald explained the new Wellness Wednesdays program with Chartwell’s:. There is a punchcard for healthy meals. If you add $100 or more to your meal card, you get a 10% bonus.

There is a security awareness event on Oct. 10 from 3:25-4:25 in Butcher Suite.

The flu vaccine is being offered on Oct 15 in PLV. They take Cigna and other insurance. Otherwise, $20 fee.

Meeting adjourned at 10:08am.

Respectfully submitted by Michele Camardella.