Pace is an economic growth engine

Economic growth engine in Pleasantville, New York

Pace is an economic growth engine

  • In 2010, Pace generated $63,973,985 in net new spending in local businesses, 1,575 net new jobs, generating $17,089,741 in net new salaries and wages.
  • We attracted $928,000 in sponsored research and scholarships to Westchester as well.

Pace’s economic impact is significant. We are the county’s largest university and 13th largest employer, providing jobs for 1,242 employees. We spent a total of $27.3 million in salaries, wages, and purchases in 2010*.  Over the last decade, we’ve spent $65.5 million in new construction and renovations in the last decade to create 1,572 new jobs.

And that’s just a start. The Pace community patronizes local restaurants, gas stations, food stores, drug stores, shops and professional services on a regular basis. Besides the many Pace students who come from Westchester, an additional 2,438 students from outside the county attend classes at the Pleasantville campus. They spend $11.2 million per year locally, and their parents spend $1.3 million more when they come to visit.*

Westchester is home to Pace employees, alumni, and students

  • 934 employees live and work in Westchester
  • 205 Pace employees live in Mt. Pleasant
  • 18,384 alumni live in Westchester
  • 1,900 alumni live in Mt. Pleasant
  • 5,054 students attend Pace classes in Westchester

Many students who come to Pace in Pleasantville are charmed by its surroundings. Students bond with the community through their civic engagement, volunteer activities, and internships, and choose to remain here to pursue careers. Some 18,384 alumni live in Westchester, including 1,900 alumni in the Town of Mt. Pleasant.

Our student interns, nurses, and teachers serve businesses, hospitals, and schools at no or minimal cost

Westchester enterprises reap the benefits of Pace’s ready supply of outstanding interns. Businesses prefer interns from Pace because they have the right mindset for business and they fit right in. Schott USA in Elmsford, which currently employs three Pace students working in human resources and finance, finds tech-savvy Pace students help get older workers up to speed on the latest technology.


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