Community Impact

Community Impact

At Pace University, we believe that campus is community, and community is campus. In other words, universities thrive when they are an integral part of the community. And, the community thrives when it is enriched by what a university offers.

For nearly 50 years, our Pleasantville campus facilities, faculty, and students have served as a resource for the region. Indeed, the ties between our Pleasantville campus and the community are rich and deep:

Pace’s presence also helps the local economy. We are the largest university in Westchester and the county’s 13th largest employer. We contribute nearly $64 million a year to the county’s economy.

We demonstrate our commitment to the community many other ways, as we illustrate in this community impact report. The breadth and depth of our contributions may surprise you. We look forward to continuing our close and caring relationship with the community for many years to come.

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