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Pleasantville Master Site Plan

Construction updates

October 5, 2015

Due to the inclement weather last week, we were unable to assemble as many modular units as expected.  Please be advised that temporary road closures and traffic delays on Martin road will continue thru the end of the week.  Modular deliveries will resume on Monday, October 5, and modular assembly will resume on Tuesday, October 6. Shirley Beth’s Way will be open to vehicular traffic to alleviate congestion on Martin Road. The following assembly phases will be maintained inside the construction fence with minimal impacts to campus other than deliveries. It is important  to plan ahead of time on the best way to navigate campus this week. There will be several flagmen in addition to Pace security guards directing traffic. For your safety, please adhere to the traffic changes. 


September 22, 2015

Modular unit deliveries for Residence Hall B will begin Thursday, September 24. The tractor trailers delivering the units will enter campus via Entrance 3. They will pull into the construction area by the main gate at Martin Circle. Approximately six deliveries a day are expected for the next six weeks beginning Monday, September 28. There will be approximately two deliveries per day Thursday and Friday of this week. Each delivery will take between 5-8 minutes. Traffic will be stopped at three locations, Martin Circle, at the North Hall three-way intersection, and Entrance 3 during these deliveries to maintain a safe environment while the units are brought into the construction zone. 

On Monday, September 28, the modular unit assembly will begin. For the first phase of the assembly, the crane, which will be located behind the construction fence by the service road, will need to pick up the modular units off the trailer from Martin Road. This will cause temporary road closures for vehicular traffic. The process will be to move the trailer (loaded with the modular unit) from the courtyard to Martin Road, pick up the modular unit with the crane, place it onto the building, and then remove the empty trailer. This process will take approximately 30 minutes. During that 30 minutes, Martin Road will be closed to vehicular traffic and will reopen once the process is complete. These closures are in addition to the temporary traffic stops while deliveries are happening. In order to alleviate the traffic flow on Martin Road, starting on Monday, September 28, we will reopen Shirley Beth's Way to vehicular traffic. This first phase will take approximately one week. After this week, the modular assembly will occur behind the construction fence. Shirley Beth's Way will be restored to pedestrian traffic after the first phase is complete. There will be several flagmen in addition to Pace security guards directing traffic. For your safety, please adhere to the traffic changes.