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Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate Courses and Minor

The need for thoughtful, well-educated leaders in nonprofits and philanthropy is growing: nonprofits employ around 10% of the American workforce. There are nearly 2 million nonprofits in the U.S., with over $1 trillion in revenue and $4 trillion in assets. These new courses in Nonprofit Studies are open to all majors, and will equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to succeed in careers in foundations, human services, economic development, the arts, and the environment.

Do well by doing good.

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Spring 2017 Courses

ANT 108 “Global Cultures and Local Identities” CRN 21236

Instructor: Professor Britton
Day/Time: Fridays 9:00-12:00pm
Description: This course focuses on the strategies of identity formation employed amid the global flows of migration, capital, and information. It analyzes the benefits and risks involved in the increasingly rapid and transnational circulation of culture, products, and ideas in the "developed" and the "developing" world. The course introduces students to major anthropological debate on the politics of identity in the face of globalization. It explores the way people develop identities around the globe at the end of the 20th century.

CIS 102W "Web Design for Nonprofit Organizations" (Multiple CRN's)

Instructor: Multiple Instructors
Day/Time: Multiple times available
Description: This is a discipline-based course that affects an exciting and new learning experience for students, in implementing and enhancing actual Web sites that benefit local non-profit agencies. The students are introduced in class to the methods of designing Web sites in a non-profit paradigm and are involved in developing, implementing and enhancing the sites in the field, in teams that include clientele of the agencies. Prerequisites: CIS101 or INT197B

MAR 342 “Public Relations” CRN 22548

Instructor: TBA
Day/Time: Online
Description: A foundation course dealing with the theory of communications, the concepts, and practice of public opinion, research, and the place of public relations in the corporate organization. Methods, tools, and techniques used in maintaining effective relations with customers are analyzed.

MAR 356 “International Marketing Field Study” CRN 21790

Instructor: Professors Dennis Sandler
Day/Time: Friday 1:20 - 4:20pm
Pre-Trip Class Meetings: 2/17, 3/3, 4/14, AND 5/12
Trip Destination: Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark
Travel Dates: 5/22/17-6/1/17
Description: Course Focus: Looks at the effects of sustainability and European Union integration on marketing activities in Scandinavian countries (Copenhagen and Stockholm). Students will meet with business managers, educators and government officials to discuss business practices. Students will study the cultural values and norms of Sweden and Denmark and participate in various cultural events and activities. Extensive use of Blackboard will be made to provide students with readings, case studies and web-assisted instructional materials. A research report incorporating the field experiences is due two weeks after the conclusion of the field study.

Travel Cost:(in addition to tuition & $100 study abroad fee): $3,850 (approximate and subject to change) Includes airfare, hotel, some meals, and local transportation. Students should budget extra funds for meals. Deposit of $1,000 due November 28, 2016. Final payment due January 27, 2017. Pre-requisite: MAR200 or MAR250 Minimum grade of D

MGT 330 “Strategic Planning and Marketing” CRN 20213

Instructor: TBA
Day/Time: Thursday 6:10 - 9:00pm
Description: An interdisciplinary introduction to contemporary social and ethical problems which businesses face. This course deals with the relationship of the corporation to other social and political institutions in America and with international changes affecting American businesses.

PAA 614 “Strategic Planning and Marketing” CRN 22718

Instructor: TBA
Day/Time: Monday 6:10 - 9:00pm
Description: This course examines basic concepts in strategic planning and marketing with special emphasis on the organization and management of the strategic planning process, marketing decision models, and techniques for the promotion of services to the public. Discussion of the ethical issues surrounding marketing is included. Required of all students with a specialization in planning and evaluation or nonprofit financial management. Prerequisite: PAA 601 Minimum Grade of B and PAA 602 Minimum Grade of B and PAA 603 Minimum Grade of B and PAA 604 Minimum Grade of B and PAA 606 Minimum Grade of B

PAA 670 “The Not-for-Profit Sector” CRN 23572

Instructor: Professor Tekula
Day/Time: Wednesday 5:40 - 8:30pm
Description: This course examines the history of nonprofit organizations in the United States to develop a social perspective and a sense of the magnitude, scope and functions of the nonprofit sector. The course also looks at the relationship of the nonprofit sector to government and business. The course explores the theoretical basis on which social scientists have sought to understand the nonprofit sector in our economic, political and social environment. Issues shaping the future role of the nonprofit sector will be discussed. Required of all students in the nonprofit management track. Prerequisite: PAA 601 Minimum Grade of B

PAA 673 “Financial Resources Development for Nonprofits” CRN 22848

Instructor: TBA
Day/Time: Online
Description: This new course will provide a thorough examination the history, theory, and practice surrounding the variety of means by which not-for-profits generate funds solicitations of gifts, planned giving, capital campaigns, earned income, fees for service, sale of products, memberships, grants, contracts, investments, special events. The growing impact of social entrepreneurship on not-for-profit revenue models will also be examined. Special attention will be given to understanding philanthropy as distinctive to the not-for-profit sector, strategic choices and consequences among the various fundraising means, and impact upon organizational mission. Prerequisite: PAA 601 Minimum Grade of B and PAA 604 Minimum Grade of B

SOC 245 “Urban Planning” CRN 21345

Instructor: Professor Foerster
Day/Time: Wednesday 1:20-4:20pm
Description: This course will address the history, theory and practice of urban planning. It will examine the physical planning tools, regulations and current professional practices in use in urban communities. Readings and assignments will concentrate on the physical, geographic and built environment of the city and will explore the relationship between the physical nature of urban communities and the equality of urban community life.

WS 280 “Internship in Women's and Gender Studies" CRN 22106

Instructor: Professor Rafferty
Day/Time: Tuesday 12:15 - 2:15pm
Description: This course is designed for Women's and Gender Studies majors and minors, but is open to all students. Students will work eight hours or more per week in an internship placement. The weekly class meeting will focus on readings and discussions about gender, race, class and labor history, conditions of the contemporary workforce, sexual harassment, the glass ceiling, and the feminization of poverty. Prerequisite: WS115C or WS266