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Drupal 101

Adding Menu Links

Step 1. Create a page.

(Refer to create a page turorial if you are unsure how to create a page.)

*Click any image below to enlarge

Once the page is created, right click the "Edit" button in the top bar and copy the link. You will need this link for Step 3.

Step 2. Add a menu item.

In order to add a menu item, you can click on Structure > Menus in the top bar.

Once you are on the menus page you will scroll down until you get to your menu. So, say for instance you are the Office of Student Assistance. Scroll until you see "OSA Side Menu". To the right of that, you will see three links. "list links", "edit menu", "add link".

Click "list links". This will take you to a page of all the links that appear in the left hand menu of your pages. See screen shot in Step 3 below.

Step 3. Add Link

In the top left corner of the page, you will see a link that says "Add Link". Click "Add Link".

On this page you will be able to add the title of the link, the url of the link, and you will be able to determine where this link should appear in the hierarchy of your menu.

Menu Link Title: This is the title of the link as it should appear in the left hand menu. So for instance, if your link should read "Sample Page", insert "Sample Page" in the Menu Link Title.

Path: This is where you will add the link you copied from step 1. So say for instance the link you copied reads as You will need to remove everything in that link so that the Path field appears as node/68050.

Parent link: this pull-down menu allows you to set up where you want your link to appear in the structure of the menu. So for instance if you wanted this menu item to appear under "Registration" then select "Registration" in the pull-down menu.

Step 4. Save

Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "Save"

Your link is created.

Additional Help

Munu items, by default, are listed in alphabetical order. Sometimes you may want to change the order of the links. So when you are on the page of all your links (Step 2), you'll notice that next to each menu item, there is an icon that allows you to drag the items to change the order.

If you drag one of these menu items to a different location, you'll notice that the menu item gets highlighted in yellow.

Changes in the order of menu items will not be saved until you hit "Save Configuration" at the bottom of this page.