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Building and Using Menus

There are two types of menus you can create for your content: Left Hand Nav and Top Horizontal Nav depending on what content type you are using.

Here is the list of content types you would be using and which menus you can create:

T3: Left Hand Nav
T17: Left Hand Nav
T18: Left Hand Nav
T27: Top Horizontal Nav
T28: Top Horizontal Nav, Left Hand Nav

Content First

To create a menu, you will first need to create some content that would provide a URL used to create the hyperlink.

Once you have some content to link, you will find the menus UI under Structure/Menus in the top admin menu bar. (you must be logged in to see this.)

Naming Your Menus

When you create a menu to use, you will want to be able to recognize it in the list when it comes time to specify a menu for your page.

For example, if you were creating a left-hand nav for a page in Web Services, the name should be:
"Web Services Left Nav"
and you should have no trouble finding it in the list. Especially if you are using a template with both top horizontal nav and left-hav nav, you will want to specify top or left in the name:
"Web Services Left Nav" and "Web Services Top Nav"

If you are unsure about a name that might exist, look at the list before you create yours. Look here: /admin/structure/menu (you must be logged in to see this page.)