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Getting started

Before you can begin to work within the Pace Drupal CMS you will need Pace credentials (email address and password) to login at so you can be assigned a role (Editor, etc.) and added as a member to a group.

Once you have your login, role, and group established, you can begin to either edit content for your group or create new content. You will create content based on Content Types that each have unique elements and layouts.

Some links within these guideline pages will lead to areas that require authorized access; (you must be logged in to see these pages.) 

Log In!

First step is to log in to the site at using your Pace credentials for Username and Password. Once you're on the site as a user, we can assign you a role and place you in a group.

Content Type Examples

T3 Article Example
T27 Feature Landing page
T28 Alternate Article page
T24 Accordion Sections
T17 Alternate Landing Page
T18 Alternate Landing Page


A few terms to know

Here are some common terms you might encounter:

Admin menu is the menu seen at the top of your browser- a black bar across the top.
UI or sometimes, "The Admin" refers to the User Interface for administrative tasks such as editing and managing content.
WYSIWYG editor is the editing window with toolbar shown for text areas.
Publishing refers to saving content and either publishing or unpublishing content from within the UI under "Publishing options".