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Your Group(s)

Editors can be a member of one or more groups that associate users with their content while keeping it separate from other groups. When you login to the site, you should see the name of your group(s) clearly on the page. As you create group content, you will begin to see that listed on your profile page as well.

You will need Pace login credentials (your Pace email/password) and login to the site here. Once you have logged into the site, you will be assigned an editor role and added to a group. Make sure to contact Pace Web Services to be added to a group prior to creating content.


Each group will have permissions to create and edit specific content types, and to edit content within the group. Web Services group administrator will be group manager for all groups and set those permissions.

Group Audience

As you create your content, you will see a "Groups Audience" field in the UI with checkboxes, this is where you designate content for your group. Selecting your group will prevent other groups from editing your content.

All group content is visible to public visitors to the website.