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Media (Images, Video) can be added to pages in two ways: Through the UI within a content type, and via WYSIWYG editor.

Adding Media within Content Types with User Interface (UI)

Within content types, there are fields that allow you to upload images. Those fields allow you to upload via your Local Desktop, the Web, or Library.

Upon clicking Select Media, you will see a pop-up window (shown below) offering three selections: Upload (Local Desktop), Web, and Library.

  • Local Desktop: Simple Select Media button is provided to begin. Select file from your local desktop. The filename should show in the field. Click Submit.
  • Web: Simply add URL to image in the field provided. Click Submit.
  • Library: When you choose Library, you will be presented with a window that shows thumbnails of all previously loaded images. Click on one to select.  Click Submit. To get an image in the library, you must first upload it from another source.

Uploading media in WYSIWYG Editor

The procedure is basically the same as in adding media to content except you will be placing the media within an editor window.

1. Place your cursor in the editor where you want the image to appear.
2. Click the icon to open the upload function. (See image below).
3. Use same steps as in uploading media for UI.

In addition, you will be required to select a size before submitting. Large is pre-selected, however you may select other options including "original" if you have sized an image for a specific purpose and wish to retain that final size. See image below