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Responsive Design

Responsive design affects how content is displayed

The Pace Drupal 7 site utilizes a responsive design. That means your content will be displayed within any of 3 breakpoints; Desktop (Large) Tablet (Medium) and Phone/Mobile (Small). We stress the importance of limiting content to the fields provided and how they were intended to be displayed throughout the site.

Testing content for breakpoints

Most of the fields you will populate in any of the content types will render correctly in any of the breakpoints. However, wysiwyg editor fields are open use some minimal styling and images. Be sure to test your pages in all 3 breakpoints prior to publishing. Be sure to use actual devices for testing; phones and tablets in addition to your desktop computer. Simply reducing the width of the browser window will not accurately represent the user experience on those specific devices.

Making it Easy

Most often, you will not have to be concerned with layouts within the three breakpoints, the theme will automatically arrange the content as designed. The most common area of concern will be within the body areas and elements such as tables.