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WYSIWYG Editor Do's and Don'ts

WYSIWYG is for creating and editing content. The editor is NOT a design tool, nor should it be treated as one. The design of the site is set through the theme of the site; all design within these wysiwyg editor area is discouraged.

Adding CSS or Javascript or any other scripting, for any reason, is not allowed. Using these elements may interfere with our codebase.

Below is an image to illustrate what each icon represents on the toolbar.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

The editor is not a place to create layouts or implant widgets or code snippets. We discourage the use of these elements. Use the editor for text based content. Looking for instruction on uploading Media?

Site Design

The overall style and design of the website has been established. Add content to the site does not require any added design or layout. In fact, it is discouraged. Any section of the site should reflect a unified and cohesive presentation within the Pace University brand guidelines. The editor is a tool for adding textual content, not a design tool.