Academic Catalogs

As of the spring semester 2006, University Relations produces and publishes the new online undergraduate catalog and graduate catalog. The catalogs contain complete information on academic programs, courses, and official university policies for students enrolled at Pace University. The catalogs are updated on an official university schedule, and are accurate as of the date reflected on the undergraduate catalog home page, or the graduate catalog home page. Subsequent changes may occur with respect to University programs, curricula, requirements, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, which may or may not be reflected in these catalogs. These catalogs are not an official contract between Pace University and the enrolled student at Pace University.

The 20011-2012 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs are applicable until further notice. To ensure that you have the most up-to-date information concerning academic programs and curricula, please contact the Dean's office of the school or college about which you have questions. 

View the 2012-2013 undergraduate catalog [Print PDF]
View the 2011-2012 undergraduate catalog [Print PDF]
View the 2009-2011 undergraduate catalog 
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