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OnTrack FAQs

What is OnTrack?
OnTrack is one of the many initiatives at Pace which is geared toward student success. OnTrack is an academic alert, online scheduling, and communications solution that enables communications and notifications, academic progress reporting and any time alerting of concerns for a student, either from the faculty, advisors or the student themselves. OnTrack  takes a holistic view and approach to student success, rather than concentrating solely on students with traditional at-risk characteristics. OnTrack relies on reporting by the campus community to identify students who need additional academic support.

How Can I Access Ontrack?
OnTrack can be accessed directly at
COMING SOON: You will be able to access OnTrack through Blackboard

What are the Steps When Using OnTrack?

Step 1: Faculty Feedback: At any point in the semester, faculty can raise flags and give kudos to their students, provising them with feedback throughout the semester. To facilitate more efficient reporting, all faculty will receive an email to complete Academic Progress Reports at the beginning of the semester, mid-semester, and prior to the end of the semester. Faculty will be asked to make note of academic and/or other concerns with students. Here are the current “Tracking Items” or feedback that faculty may provide:

  • Flags: raise a flag to let students know of a concern, usually for their academic performance. However, Faculty can raise academic flags (excessive absences, low test/quiz scores, and unsatisfactory coursework) and behavioral flags (academic integrity concerns, disruptive behavior, and personal concerns).
  • Kudos: used to recognize student accomplishments and to congratulate them on their academic performance, getting off to a great start to the semester.
  • Referrals: can be made to suggest a helpful campus resource that may aid in a student’s academic performance as more offices get involved and familiar with OnTrack the referrals selection will expand.

Step 2: Student Notification: When an academic flag, kudos, or referral is made by an instructor, the student is automatically notified via email or optional text message and is invited to meet with either their faculty member or advisor or another member of the Pace Community to resolve the concern and to develop a plan for success. Any comments provided by faculty when raising an academic flag, kudos, or referral will be seen by the student and comments from instructors are required when first raising an academic flag. NOTE: If a behavioral flag was raised for a student, the student will not receive notification of this. Instead, the advisor and/or the Dean of Students Office will provide outreach to the student or to the instructor, depending upon the nature of the concern. For this reason, comments are also required when raising a behavioral flag. Behavioral flag comments will not be seen by the student.

Step 3: Student Action: Any time an academic flag or kudos is made on a student, that student and their advisor receive instant notification. The student can be provided with information about how to resolve their issue and can also be given a listing of resources that may help them to be successful and can be referred to those resources directly through OnTrack.

When a student is referred to a resource, they receive instant email correspondence from the referred office. It is always up to the student to seek support and take advantage of the resources to which they have been directed. 

Step 4: Clearing Flags: Once a student takes action, the original academic flag must be cleared by the faculty that raised the concern. Other flags may be cleared by the advisor and/or other support staff member with whom the student has interacted with. The instructor who raised the original flag is encouraged to clear the flag if a student’s performance has improved in the course. NOTE: Because an advisor, support staff member, or instructor must intentionally clear a flag, many flags may remain “active” for the duration of the term. However, this does not mean that the student has not taken action and instructors are encouraged to raise new flags if their concerns persist or worsen.

OnTrack CONNECT allows faculty and staff to create “office hours” in OnTrack so students can easily make appointments. This appointment management system ensures that students, faculty, and staff stay connected and save time scheduling appointments. Faculty and staff can customize appointment preferences including appointment name, length, scheduling deadlines, locations, and instructions. Office hours can be set up on a recurring basis or as a one-time occurrence and can be limited to a specific population of students (e.g., your advisees or students in your courses). Instructors can also set an email reminder and notification preferences to suit their needs. NOTE: OnTrack offers the ability to sync your OnTrack calendar with your Pace Outlook calendar to allow for easier calendar management and avoidance of double-booking.

Suggestions and feedback are critical to the success of OnTrack, so please contact Jermain Smith at or (914) 923-2654.