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Undergraduate Academics

The first year of college may seem challenging—The Office of First Year Experience will prepare you for the transition.

The Office of First Year Experience (FYE) makes the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible.  Central to this effort is the Comprehensive First Year Advising Program (CFAP).  This program has every first year student take a UNV 101 class that is taught by their academic advisor. One’s adviser can help identify campus resources, address academic difficulties, discuss course selection and academic exploration, help develop problem-solving skills, and more. Each advisor makes at least two individual appointments with each student during the semester to discuss academic progress and future planning, in particular registration. As part of this process, our Academic Alerts system allows faculty teaching first year students to report both strengths and concerns to the advisor. This helps the advisor work with each student in a proactive manner.

In addition to the advisor there is a Peer Leader who helps teach UNV 101.  The Peer Leader is an advanced student who can help answer questions from the student perspective.  The Peer Leader meets with all of the students in the class during the fall semester to help them make the adjustment to college.

In addition to advising, FYE offers a multitude of events and activities for students including academic, and social events, sponsors the First Year Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, and hosts the Freshman Cup. First-year students are required to read the selected common reading, which is integrated into classes, programs, and events, including the annual Convocation, an important ceremony and day of activities held just before the start of classes.

For more information, visit the First Year webpage.