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Assessment Instruments

Student, faculty and staff surveys are an important source of information on how well Pace does as an institution.  OPAIR coordinates Pace's participation in several national assessment and survey instruments.

Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)
The BCSSE is administered to every incoming first year student at Pace. The information collected is used by first year advisors to guide their discussions with students and address expectations. Pace has participated in BCSSE since 2009.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
The NSSE is a national survey of first year and seniors' perceptions of Pace and their experiences. Important information about students' academic and social experience is collected. Pace has participated in NSSE since 2002 and is now on a biennial schedule with the next survey to be administered in 2018.

HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey
The HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey asks students about their perceptions of their campus’s climate for unwanted sexual contact and sexual assault, their perceptions of how their institution responds to sexual assaults, and whether and how often they have experienced unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault. This survey was first administered at Pace in 2016.

Internal Assessment of Recent Survey Administrations (requires Pace Login)
Annual summary reports for recent administrations of the above surveys are available. If you need additional information or an earlier report, please contacting OPAIR at Additional details on surveys and calendars are available on the Survey Resources page.

Other Instruments