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Undergraduate Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

Will both Pace campuses reopen for the upcoming school year? When will we know about plans for the fall?

Our plan is to resume in-person instruction on all three of our campuses for a full fall semester. We expect guidance from the state in the next few weeks, and we will reopen in compliance with all state and federal health and safety guidelines and pursuant to the recommendations of medical experts. That will likely include requirements for reducing density, for ensuring social distance, and wearing face coverings. This is in line with recommendations of the reopening task force put together by CICU, the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities in New York. Additionally, we are asking faculty to prepare to teach both in-person and remotely, so that we are prepared for all possibilities, including that some students may prefer not to return to campus immediately or that others might need to self-isolate for certain periods of time. Depending on guidance from the state, we may start the semester earlier than planned. But in all cases, education at Pace will continue.

Will Pace be practicing social distancing when students are on campus?

  • See response above.
  • Pace will have plans for social distancing in our classrooms, residence halls and common areas.
  • The plans will include not just how we place desks in a classroom, but also the way that we will manage the movement of people between buildings, in our hallways and elevators and University vehicles; this includes signage and education for our community on what social distancing looks like.
  • The plans will also be dictated by guidance we receive from our federal, state and local officials and departments of health.

Can admitted students defer enrollment for one semester or one year and enroll instead in another (lower cost) online program?

  • While we understand that there is uncertainty about starting your college career under the present conditions, we are recommending against a gap year this year. The best kind of gap year is one where the student has the opportunity to travel, to experience life in a different part of the country or the world and perhaps to provide some kind of volunteer service. Most of those activities will be curtailed this year and so will work opportunities. In fact, there has probably never been a better time to invest in your education. However, yes, students who want to defer should contact the admission office to arrange for the deferral at
  • We will honor our admission and scholarship offers to students who defer for one semester. If a student elects to defer for a full academic year we will honor the admission offer but we cannot guarantee the same scholarship.
  • This year we are relaxing our guidelines about deferring and enrolling at another college. Usually we would require students who defer and take courses at another college to reapply, but this year we will not ask students to reapply and we will accept credits earned at another college as long as the student receives a C or better.

Will Pace be testing and tracing? What about other screening measures?

  • We’re working with the state and health officials to make sure there is testing available to students, faculty and staff.
  • We will follow all state guidelines once they’re issued, including the guidelines regarding:
    • Testing and prescreening students, staff and faculty as they return.
    • Ongoing testing and tracking in place.
    • Cooperating with public health officials for contact tracing, which was our practice before the coronavirus pandemic.

Will there be an option for online instruction for students who cannot get to campus at the beginning of the semester?

  • Plans in development will include remote and hybrid learning, including some courses that are offered both in-person and online. Students who elect to start the fall semester online will be able to do so.
  • For international students: If you are not able to enter the United States due to embassy closings, delay in Visa appointments, or if the University is still in a remote learning period due to the pandemic, international students will have the opportunity to start their coursework online, from any location. While we fully intend to return to in-person learning and living this fall, if international students cannot travel to the US in the fall, they will be able to start online for Fall 2020 and join us on campus in January for Spring 2021.

What safety measures will Pace put in place for housing?

We need to make sure that our plans are aligned with the guidelines from the state which we expect in mid-June. Our goal is to create a safe environment for your child and are working closely with the state and other health officials to make sure we are doing everything we can based on best practices and public health guidelines. We will have isolation and quarantine protocols, including housing, in place and processes for disinfecting and cleaning or reducing density when needed.

How will Pace make sure college students are acting responsibly and doing the social distancing and symptom tracking required to keep other people safe?

We are all adjusting to this new normal and surely you are having to do a lot of educating at home already. There will absolutely be a lot of educating and reminding students about the wearing masks, keeping your distance and being safe. We have structures and programs to do that. We plan to have an online tutorial for everyone coming back to campus about how to operate safely on campus.

In the event of another outbreak what measures is Pace taking to ensure the safety of students especially those from out of state?

  • We have all learned a lot going through this process this spring and teams of administrators have been working tirelessly to prepare for the fall and also plan for future scenarios. We will have to do a lot to make sure we can maintain a safe environment. That includes, but isn’t limited to:
    • Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
    • Use of face covering
    • Signage and communications
    • Enhanced cleaning protocols
    • Layout modifications, and other operational modifications (engineering controls, food service, and training).
    • If there is another outbreak, we will be working closely with the governor’s office and local health office and follow their guidelines.
  • Should a case or symptomatic individual be identified on campus;
    • Our University Healthcare unit will be ready to isolate or transport those who are sick
    • Specially trained people will clean and disinfect impacted areas
    • And quickly notify health officials and close contacts.
    • Notification of close contacts will be done in a collaborative effort with the local health department. To facilitate that cooperation, several of our on-campus community members that have completed the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Contact Tracing training program.

If courses are online, will there be a price break? What are Pace’s refund policies if students have to leave campus in the middle of the semester?

  • Our online classes are being delivered by the same expert faculty, with the same course content and rigor, consistent with the same accreditation and State Education Department approved standards. We have maintained the same small class sizes and extensive opportunities for individual interaction with professors.
  • We are also providing all academic support services such as tutoring, advisement and counseling, in a manner that is personalized and interactive. Therefore, we are not offering discounted tuition for online courses. The format may be changed, the product is not.
  • If necessary, we intend to use every part of the academic year to deliver our living and learning experience, so expect that residential students will be able to get the full semester’s time in their dorm rooms.

How can students appeal their financial aid and what’s the deadline?

Other Financial Aid Resources include:

How will Career Services be pivoting to address the changes that will surely come in a post-pandemic economy?

  • We are very proud to have one of the best career services in the tri-state area. Our counselors, who are aligned with every Pace school, work with students from their first day on campus to help them be career-ready.
  • Virtual appointments, workshops and employer networking events are very effective, and will continue to offer virtual counseling sessions and events as an option for students when we return to campus (in addition to live events and in person appointments). Students will need our guidance more than ever and providing them with more options allows them greater accessibility to us.
  • We are in constant communication with our vast network of employers regarding changes that have occurred and will continue to occur in the job market since COVID, and will educate and prepare students accordingly.
  • Our dedicated group of people in Career Services are sourcing new jobs and internships from employers’ websites, and external job boards. We are developing opportunities and providing them to students every day.
  • Also, Pace has a great legacy of mentorship and provides mentorship with our alumni.

When are the tuition and housing deposits due?

We understand that families may need a bit more time to make an informed decision, so we have extended the deadline date to June 15, 2020 for the fall 2020 semester and are able to extend the refund deadline; requests must be received in writing by August 1st.

When is Orientation and what will the format be?

Summer Orientation dates have been announced and registration is open here. There will be live virtual sessions in July. Online modules for parents and family members (and students!) that will provide information about Pace and our services will be available in mid-June.

Do most students live on campus all four years?

74% of first-year students live on campus in NYC and 75% live in Westchester. Pace guarantees housing on both the New York City and Westchester campuses if the student’s deposit is submitted by the deposit deadline, but it is not required.

Is the Pace merit award subject to changes if a student initially applied as a resident and now due to the circumstances may be reconsidering to attend as a commuter?

Yes. All students looking to change their residential status will have their financial aid reevaluated to reflect this status change.

Does the deferred option also apply to the scholarship from the School of Performing Arts?

Yes. As long as our School of Performing Arts approves the deferral request, scholarships will be honored.

For School of Education students, if remote learning ensues, will they have access to the Avatar remotely?

Yes. Our School of Education is able to access the Avatar system virtually so our students can utilize it.

Are fall sports planning to start in fall?

  • We will follow Pace University, New York State, and public health guidelines on returning to campus and resuming athletic activities, while working with the NCAA and Northeast-10 Conference.
  • We are working hard to make sure we are ready to welcome back student-athletes and compete. Athletics operations may be different, and we are preparing for those changes.
  • We anticipate more clarity from New York State in mid-June.

Can you say with 100% certainty that assuming students are living on campus they will NOT be asked to take classes remotely (while living on campus)?

Unfortunately we are all now living in a time when there is not 100% certainty about how we will need to operate in the coming months. Pace does intend to offer classes in person this fall but the directives from the CDC and NY State will ultimately determine how we manage our course delivery.