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Undergraduate Admission

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Your path to success starts here. You are about to join a community of students who are driven and accomplished and who will inspire you to explore opportunities, pursue your passions, and achieve your goals.

This site was created to guide you through the deferral process leading up to the first day of class on Monday, January 25, 2021.

Log-in anytime to your personalized application dashboard to see the next step in your enrollment process.

Next Steps

File your FAFSA today - The first step in financing your Pace University education is filing your FAFSA.
Meet your future classmates on PaceBound Online November - January
Immunization Requirement Send by: December 1, 2020
Tuition/Housing Deposit Send by: December 15, 2020*
Attend an Orientation Session Reach out to Admission Counselor to Roll over your deposit by January
Send Final Transcripts Send by: January 15, 2021
Health Insurance Waiver (optional) Send by: February 11, 2021
Submit Your Financial Documentation - Form I-20
(For International Students Only)
Send by: Upon Acceptance From
Pace University
*If you were accepted after the recommended timing above, these forms will be due 10 days after acceptance.


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You can still experience Pace at one of our many options to explore our campuses this Fall. 

Connect 1:1 with a current Pace student and see how student life is thriving on campus and we’re being safe while doing it.