Students taking a walking tour on the Westchester campus.

Admission Events

Pace University is offering a variety of options to learn about our programs. From meetings with admission counselors, to information sessions and accelerated admission days. We have lots of options for you to connect with Pace University!

Upcoming Events

Join us for special events exclusively for rising seniors. We are hosting events in July and August on both campuses and a virtual event on August 10.  The day will include a panel of current students, a campus tour, a college application workshop where you’ll learn tips and tricks from an admission counselor, and more! Register for Summer Visit Day Today.

These tours are focused on specific academic programs including performing arts, nursing, environmental science, and more. You will have the opportunity to meet an academic representative and tour the facilities used by the program! Join us for a Special Interest Tour.

Group of students visiting the NYC campus.

Live Campus Tours/Information Sessions

We have live campus tours and information sessions six days a week twice a day, where you can interact and ask questions. You choose which campus you want to explore, our New York City Campus or Westchester Campus.

Students taking a walking tour of the Westchester campus.

Walking/Driving Tour

Take our Walking Tour on our New York City Campus or the Driving Tour on the Westchester Campus. Each tour has an interactive map that allows you to walk or drive around the campus and listen to videos about what goes on in each building. (NYC Walking Tour Map (PDF), NYC Walking Tour Locations (PDF), NYC Neighborhood Tour (PDF))

Student having online meeting with a tutor.

Connect with an Admission Counselor

You can connect with an admission counselor virtually to get all of your questions answered.

Student sitting on a bench working on her laptop.

Virtual Webinars

Attend a virtual webinar series exclusively for you and hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. During these webinars, you will learn about next steps to your future at Pace, choosing a major if you are undecided and more.