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Viewing and Paying Your Bill Online

You can view and pay your bill online through your MyPace Portal account. To do this, follow the steps outlined below.
Step 1- Locate your user name and activate your account
  • User Name: Your user name is generated automatically. To find your user name, search for it on the White Pages. The user name is your Pace e-mail address without the "".
  • Password: Go to to get to the Apps/Downloads/Account Management site and click "Account Activation".  Follow the on-screen instruction. For this step, you will need to know that your default MyPace Portal password is your first and last initial and a hyphen, followed by your birthday in this format: MMDDYY. (If your birth date only has one digit, add a zero to the number.) Example: John Doe, DOB= January 1, 1990 has a password of jd-010190. You must add the hyphen. When you log-in for the first time, you will be prompted to reset your password.
Step 2 - After you locate your user name and activate your account with your new password, go to and login using the Secure Access Login. You can also access the portal by visiting the home page at, selecting Current Students and then clicking on MyPace Portal at the right.
Step 3 - Once you've entered the portal, click on the Students Tab.
Step 4 - Click on the Registration, Grades and Tuition Schedule. From this page you can do several things:
  • You can view your tuition charges for the current registration period by clicking on Registration Fee Assessment
  • You can view total term charges, payments and financial aid applied by clicking on Account Summary By Term
  • From either of the above two pages, you can pay your bill online by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting Pay Your Tuition and Fees Online.