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Graduate or School of Law Meal Plan Information

The meal plans at Pace are Declining Balance Dollars that can be used at any of the on-campus dining locations. Funds are posted to the student account at the beginning of each semester and decline as each purchase is made. All dining plans are sales tax free.

All full-time resident and commuter undergraduate students at Pace University are required to have a meal plan. Resident graduate students are also required to have a meal plan. Any unspent meal plan funds will roll over from semester to semester as long as student is enrolled – with the Exception of graduating students  and transferring students. Graduating students need to spend all the funds by the end of the semester, or the funds will be forfeited. ALL MEAL PLANS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

The current minimum $50 Flex Dollar-Meal Plan rate is included in most quoted meal plan figures. All rates are subject to change every academic year.

All students are welcome to select from any of the higher optional meal plans.

Graduate and School of Law Resident Plan 2020-2021

Cost per semester: $560 ($50 Flex Dollars)

Resident Meal Plans Cost
Buy Up Plan for all students
$2,585.00 ($375 Flex)
Buy Up Plan for all students
$2,435.00 ($350 Flex)
Buy Up Plan for all students
$2,285.00 ($325 Flex)
Buy Up Plan for all students
$2,135.00 ($225 Flex)
Grad and Law Plus
Buy Up Plan for Grad and Law
$760.00 ($200 Flex)
All First Year Students and Sophomores in Westchester (except Townhouse Residents)
$1,910.00 ($55 Flex)
All Undergrad Residents in Westchester (except Townhouse Residents) with 64 or more credits
$1,055.00 ($105 Flex)
All Townhouse Residents
$515.00 ($50 Flex)
Grad and Law $560.00 ($50 Flex)

Commuter Students

Commuters enrolled in 12 or more credits per semester are assigned the commuter meal plan. This plan is designed to offer students the convenience of eating on campus without the need to use cash or another form of payment. The students benefit from the sales tax exemption with this plan and can use the funds to purchase snacks, beverages or full meals.

Westchester Campus - Commuter Meal Plans

  • Cost Per Semester: $300 ($50 Flex Dollars)

Commuter Buy Up Plans

  • Level 1 - $575 ($50 Flex Dollars)
  • Level 2 - $750 ($50 Flex Dollars)
  • Level 3 - $1,175 ($50 Flex Dollars)