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Brand Standards

Logo Don'ts

Always use the official Pace University logo. Do not attempt to recreate or alter it in any way.

The University seal and logo should never be used together as a unit.

  • Do not distort, stretch, compress, or angle the logo.
  • Do not place the logo in a box, over a design, texture, pattern, or any confusing background.
  • Do not add shadows or gradient fills to the logo. Do not crop the logo.
  • Do not use elements of the logo independently. Do not make any color or outline changes to the logo.
  • Do not reduce the logo smaller than 1/2” in height.
  • Do not use a low resolution of the logo in which the logo becomes pixelated or blurry. Always use a high resolution of the logo.
  • Do not use the logo in a sentence instead of the words “Pace University.”

This applies to the University seal and college and school logos.