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Ernst & Young, known as EY, is considered to the most globally managed of the “Big Four” accounting firms. EY is the third largest professional services firm in the world with more than 700 offices in 150 countries. EY was ranked among FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2014 and one of the 2013 “Top Companies for Executive Women” by the National Association for Female Executives. In 2012, Forbes ranked EY as the number one “Best Accounting Firms to Work For” and BusinessWeek listed EY as number one in their “Best Places to Launch a Career.”

In the past year, EY has filled more than 30 internship positions with Pace students from a variety of majors, including both general and public accounting, finance, economics, investment management, and taxation. But Pace’s connections to EY don’t just end there. EY is also ranked #7 in Pace’s “Top Ten Corporate Employers by Number of Pace Alumni” list.

Pace graduates who have gone on to work at EY have set up the Ernst & Young Fund for Excellence in Accounting education, which provides $5,000 awards each year to outstanding students enrolled in Pace’s Lubin School of Business. Additionally, it isn’t uncommon for Pace alumni who have or are currently working at EY to keep strong ties with the University, for example several members of Lubin’s Advisory Board are affiliated with EY; former EY managing partner Robert C. Almon is currently serving as CFO for the University; and EY managing partner Mark M. Besca ’81 was recently named Chairman of Pace’s Board of Trustees.

In a recent interview for Pace Magazine, Besca was quoted as saying “Historically it was the [Pace] accounting program that was best known for producing students who were more ready to hit the ground running when they went out into the workforce than the graduates of many other universities…We’re also going to enhance the ways we give our students real-life experiences through internships, undergraduate research, and travel courses, and apply coaching and mentoring to the process.”

Maria Gligan, a BBA/BMA in Public Accounting student who interned at EY, says “I was treated as a first year associate. I had the opportunity to review and prepare realized gains, financial statements, price and volume testing on Bloomberg, meet with the client, and wrap up the entire audit."

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