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Michael Zini '17
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
NYC Campus

New York has one of the largest international populations in the country and Pace University, home to 1,259 international students representing 100 countries, offers its students various programs to help them transition linguistically, academically, socially, and culturally to American university life.

One of the University’s newest programs, the Pace Global Pathways Program started in the summer of 2012 with six students and has grown to 175 students in fall 2013, combining academic coursework with advanced English language training to help international students integrate smoothly and successfully into an undergraduate or graduate program.

Dyson Biochemistry major and Italian transplant Michael Zini ’17 was one of the first set of students to benefit from the bridge program and matriculate in 2012.

“It was very helpful. It helps you transition between international high school to American college,” he adds, “Everyone was always very helpful and available for any concerns or questions. Thanks to Global Pathways, I know basic and fundamental things that are not taught in college.”

Zini was so successful in the program that he’s also a top candidate for a future Global Pathways peer mentoring program, where he would pass his knowledge on to other international students.

Currently, Zini is giving back to fellow international students and helping the University, working as a student assistant in the international admissions office, where he responds to queries from international students on the application process.

“I’ve been through the same process, so I can help them out,” he says. “I have interviews with Italian students and I get to explain to them in my native language.”

Zini isn’t just knowledgeable about Pace and its pride points, but believes in them, selecting the University for its academics and location.

“Pace statistics speak for themselves. Regarding economic or business majors, Pace University is just the top of the class. This is one of the reasons I chose Pace,” he says. “Secondly, I have always been in love with NYC...the calm chaos, the tranquility of its parks, all those cool little streets with small but delicious burger bars, the quiet cafes, all the different styles mixed together...You definitely never get bored in this city.”

Zini’s taking full advantage of his American experience, exploring beyond the bright lights of New York City to the Northern Lights during a trip he took to Alaska, where booked a flight and explored the state…al fresco.

“I always wanted to go to Alaska and I figured if I don’t do it now, I might not get the chance again,” he says. “I got to visit the Arctic Circle signs, I saw bears, and the coolest thing I did was see the Aurora Borealis [the Northern Lights].”

Zini hopes to continue exploring the United States and, ultimately, make a permanent home here.

“America is where I think I belong,” he says. “I would like to become a citizen, start a family, and become a real American. Of course, I would love my parents to come over and transfer here once I am settled down. They have always encouraged my dreams and my passions so it would be the least I can do to pay them back somehow, starting from being a good student and a good person."

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"Pace statistics speak for themselves. Regarding economic or business majors, Pace University is just the top of the class. This is one of the reasons I chose Pace."