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Sarah Davis ’18
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
New York City Campus

Pace University takes research seriously. This was something Sarah Davis ’18 took special notice of, as the ability for Pace students to collaborate with accomplished professors was one of the main reasons Davis was attracted to Pace.

“Pace’s psychology program is very unique in that all the professors at the doctoral level have made a name for themselves in the field with either research or clinical work. Pace also offers a student/faculty research opportunity with psychological research, which is something not many schools offer,” says Davis.

Davis, a psychology major who aspires to work professionally as a therapist, found a faculty mentor in professor Leora Trub. Trub, who is the director of the digital media and psychology lab, has considerable experience in research as it pertains to digital age realities—including recent research on possible associations between Instagram usage and depressive symptoms, as well as adult attachment and blogging behavior.

Realizing her own interests very much aligned with Trub’s, the duo embarked on an undergraduate student/faculty research collaboration. Sponsored by the Office of Student Success, Davis spent the 2016–2017 academic year working with Trub on examining the digital age through a therapeutic lens.

More specifically, the two looked at what Davis deemed “the changing barriers of the digital frontier,” examining how changing social and privacy norms may impact traditional forms of therapy.

“To me, research is gathering information to eventually present to the world something they may not have thought about before, like how the use of technology can impact the frame of therapy. I have learned so much from my own research experience that is has shown me the kinds of boundaries I may put in place once I am in my own practice,” says Davis.

Working with Trub has left a lasting impression on Davis, while also helping her take the next steps in her chosen career path.

“Leora Trub has helped me in so many ways—she is my faculty mentor to my research lab and I know I can always go to her if I need anything. She is so patient and really listens and offers great advice and is always helpful, I have been able to go to her with lab questions and graduate school planning and really anything.”

While at Pace, Davis has also explored Setter extracurricular offerings, and has become active in the Pace Community through involvement in student organizations. As a member of Peer Advocates Against Sexual Assault (PAASA), Davis helps organize training and events throughout campus to offer a space for students to be able to anonymously discuss and report instances of sexual assault. Part of the mission of PAASA is to give students a vital and necessary support system, which Davis has helped foster.

Davis has a similarly dedicated approach to community service, and has participated in numerous events aimed at assisting the greater New York area.

“One community service event that was really rewarding was when I helped paint and clean an elementary school in Brooklyn for a day. We were making that school beautiful and look new for the students to come back to. It felt great because you could just imagine the giant smiles on their faces!”

Between the research opportunities available to her, as well as the faculty relationships she has developed through both academic and community work, Davis will be properly prepared to take on the world—quite possibly from one of those uncannily comfortable therapist chairs.

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Sarah Davis ’18 has drawn upon her bond with Professor Leora Trub to produce some truly compelling research, and establish herself as an expert on the evolving digital realities of therapy.