Recruit Pace Talent

If your organization is serious about talent acquisition and retention, Pace has some advice for you: on-campus interviews! In one day, your company will get to interview a pool of candidates you preselected from applications submitted via Handshake.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Submit a request through Handshake or contact us directly.
  2. Post positions on Handshake.
    (6-8 weeks prior to interview date)
  3. Student applications are sent to you via Handshake.
    (2 weeks prior to interview date)
  4. Preselect candidates to interview.
    (7-10 days prior to interview date)
  5. Students are assigned time slots and the schedule is sent to you.
    (1 business day prior to interview date)
  6. Interview students in our campus interview rooms.

Discover how we can help make your recruiting process—and your workday—easier!